DJ AM (1973-2009)


DJ AM was found dead yesterday in an apartment on Lafayette Street in Manhattan. Sources said drug paraphernalia was found in the apartment. As a deejay and sneaker head and a fan of music DJ AM was one of the best I ever heard. Tons of Deejays including my self emulate his style of mix it was like fresh air, to blend all genres and make it enjoyable is a true art and DJ AM was a Da Vinci. He last tweeted on Tuesday a line from a Grandmaster Flash song: “New york, New York. Big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems.” Rest in peace.

I think Gotty from the Smoking Section wrote a amazing article about DJ AM so I’m going to share his words

After escaping death’s grasps previously, reports are out that DJ AM has passed away. With the internets, you can never be 100% certain but if this is true, it’s a nice, sharp rabbit punch to the kidneys for two of communities where I hold dual citizenship: Hip-Hop & sneakers.

Others will remember him solely as a DJ, but I first ran across him as a member of The Air Mack Crew. If it was exclusive, AM, Ben & Homicide had it…or had it custom made. Nearly deified in sneaker circles, AM had the added cool of knockin’ off Nicole Ritchie when her & Paris Hilton were BFF’s. To most within the shoe community, he was “a real sneakerhead,” not like the entertainers you see now who try to force their cool. He was cool. When he was on MTV, there wasn’t the usual internet content. It was more a thought of “yeah, AM’s up there rockin’ the J’s right!”

Musically, I do not exaggerate when I tell you Fix Your Face Volumes One & Two were enough to solidify AM’s standing musically with me. Both were mixes helmed by some 80’s babies. Kids who grew up on two handfuls of genres of music & weren’t afraid to let their influences shine, showcasing the hardest of rock next to the best of rap.

What he did as a DJ didn’t really cross over into mainstream Hip-Hop’s media attention, but anyone who’s heard or seen a live set by the man will tell you he was official. From the one or two passing convo’s I had with him years ago, I knew it then while were talking about kicks & crates that the skinny Jewish dude’s love for both weren’t to be questioned. And because he was humble, he forever had me in his corner as a supporter.

God bless the dead. Adam, you’re still the #1 celebrity shoehead in my humble opinion.

I’m ready for the summer of 2009, the summer of celebrity death to go away.

Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

Shouts to the dude Chance of CDR for tweeting this. I dont smoke cigarettes but this form of advertising back then was balls to the wall now everythign is politicly correct even the cartoons are kinda pussy now with implied violence

The ILLZ – “The Introduction” (Video)

The ILLZ just released the official video for the song “The Introduction” from the EP “This is…”

Sha Stimuli-”My Soul To Keep”-Commercial (VIDEO)

Commercial off the Highly Anticipated Album “My Soul To Keep” Dropping Oct 27th Chamber Musik / E1 Entertainment

Winnie Cooper is Grown

I always crushed on Winnie Cooper when I watched the Wonder years turns out my tween goddess grew up to be spicy

Inglorious Marvel/DC (VIDEO)

Get To Know: FRESH DAILY (Break A Leg) (VIDEO)

Words by Kidd Future

Enjoy this listening session and get to know Fresh Daily. Fresh exposes the meaning of the song; and the unfortunate events that brought together this great track. After being hit while riding his bike in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and 2 months of recovery in the hospital. While there, Fresh Daily created this track after coming across the beat produced by Oh No,and Sucio Smash. Spotted at illroots also check out Fresh Daily’s new album,The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion here

Dj Spinna- New York (Jigmasters) (VIDEO)

Lots of great appearances in this video


Shouts to the champ Cliff Skighwalker and the folks over at Burn Rubber.

Remember the Time – Quest Love MJ Tribute


Quest Love
Remember the Time
special bday MJ celebration 3hr set
w/ DJs Vikter Duplaix, Rashida and Loslito

Saturday August 29th
@The Church
606 e. 6th st. downtown LA
(corner of crocker, i blk east of San Pedro st)

10-4am, 21 w/id, cash refreshments, atm on site

I wish i was in LA for this Jam ( side note ?uest we need to do an interview !!!!)