Marty McFly – Get Well Soon

“Get Well Soon is a pretty straight forward message. I’m just letting those who don’t know, that real rap is still here…Everyone who’s sick of the variations and the ‘hybrids’….I’m letting em know it’s all good…your prescriptions will soon be filled.” – Marty McFly

Marty’s been hard at work on his much-anticipated Premiere Mixtape “The 25th Hour: New Jersey Drive” sited to drop Fall 2010. This is his first leak off of the project titled “Get Well Soon.”


shot byEvan Brockett

Ive discussed this in great detail many times

Unseen Rocky 4 Trailer

“they dont make subversive propaganda the way they used to” – Serg

Wrestlemania 8 Ric Flair vs Randy Savage

Brain: “You know, if you wanna be fair to Flair, you gotta be fair and say that’s a heck of a robe. Only a man as fair as Flair would show up at Wrestlemania…”
Gorilla: “WILL YOU STOP?!?!?!”
Brain: “What are you talk….don’t yell at me!!”

Monsoon and Heenan were the best commentary team ever in the WWF hands down.

The beginning

The end

Macho Man is a much better in-ring competitor than most people give him credit for, back in his WWF days.

Eddie Guerrero Wrestlemania XX

Since Wrestlemaina is tonight let me mark out share one of the best Wrestlemaina moments ever. Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemaina XX. This was great to see because Guerrero was a “Cruiserweight” / mid card guy in WCW. WCW never gave any mid card guys a proper push. Then years later watch him headline the main event and be champion at the biggest show in wrestling is a success story. I couldn’t find the match but here is some footage of about the match it self. Eddie Guerrero argubly one of the greatest entertainer of all time.

The Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 2

Welcome back scumbinos. This episode of the Emilio Sparks Experience covers some serious issues that you may want to discuss with your children when they reach the proper age.

Emilio and Joe explain “Unemployment Games” to Mikey (and the rest of us). Joe shares the intimacies of his sad, sad room (and rubbing it out to Facebook). Emilio revels in his failures at buying a car and speaking proper English. Oh wait, the gang also goes over Lady Gaga brand condoms, and demons in a bottle. FAMILY FUN!

This episode also include some great tracks from Hoodie Allen and Heaux

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Phil Rossomando vs a Cow

His is a list of things Phil plans to wrestle next:

Kodiak Bear
Playboy’s Dahm Triplets
kanye West’s ego

Rolled up magazine self defense

Props AOTS

imma try this on my dad ill report back if this works…

Bruce Lee vs Tony Jaa

A long time ago the brodie Evan Brockett and I got in to a discussing about who could win in a fight Bruce Lee vs Tony Jaa? Evan say’s Jaa, I say Lee. Not to discredit Tony Jaa, but Lee is a legend and there are countless stories when it comes to legends some true some fabricated. Lee founded Jeet Kune Do.

I think we make our decision based on what we see in the films. Lets be honest the way films are edited and shot has evolved since Lee’s time on film. Its easy to look bad ass in a movie, what we see in a movie is not what you would see in real life. Both come from two different era’s and have two very different fighting styles, also keep in mind both entertain us. But I have to go with Bruce Lee, Lee was a philosopher, martial artist and teacher. For me he is the end all be in with martial arts films, many actors/martial arts are inspired to go into acting because of Lee. Tony Jaa being one of them.

Read up on both dudes both are interesting to read about from there start to there fame and how they train. My Uncle Patrick who has studied the martial arts for many years told me this years ago and it still hold true… NO ONE IS AS DOMINANT AS THERE MADE OUT TO BE.

here are two really great fight scene from both Lee & Jaa ENJOY…