Just “Listen to Juno”

Please people why don’t we all just “Listen to Juno”, no, but on a real note Juno is pretty much the shit. I know what your thinking wait… Who the fuck is Juno. Well, let me explain, Juno is an 18 year old independent rap artist whose originally from Washington, Dc but raised in Dallas, Tx. Though he is upcoming with a new mixtape on the way, he still manages to maintain a big fan following, online. You can catch up with him on twitter (@ItsJuno), by facebook (ItsJuno) and listen to some of his Ish on www.ListenToJuno.tumblr.com . The website is usually updated every Friday, which goes by the title “Winning Weekends”

Superman XXX: A Porn Parody (Trailer)

After the success of The Batman XXX: A Porn Parody movie became the highest selling adult DVD of the year (according to Vivid Entertainment).

Why not try and recreate that success with the man of Steel (pun intended)

Kristina Rose and her sweet butt will be in the film. Far and away already better than Superman Returns.

via Major Spoilers

Rihanna does GQ UK Magazine

So I google Rihanna’s pervious GQ feature (3 words Rihanna under boobs). I come to find out Rihanna will be featured on the cover for the January issue of GQ Magazine. Im not a fan of the red hair but Rihanna makes it sexy.

Neako – Androids & Fake Tits (Video)

So while we wait for the The Yellow Edition .5, Neako decides to project another project called LOUDpack: Love & Other Drugs – it should be released sometime in December.

The Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 9 – The Angela Bauer Episode

Waddup scumbags!

Emilio Sparks and crew are back with Episode 9. This episode brings many world-shattering discussions like being sissies at amusement parks, having your mom get on your case about not putting your clothes away, and Steven Seagal’s spider sense.

The crew also discusses who’s hotter, Mona or Angela? Testosterone therapy, What religion is, and should be (DEEP), and Emilio and Joe not being invited to Karg’s Engagement party.

Music provided by Fly Gypsy

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Swinton ft. Tristan Wilds & Bobby2FLee – Girls in The Crib

Get it here.


Emilio Sparks Interviews Rich Hil

The Charlie Rose of Hip Hop” Emilio Sparks (holy shit at this point you should know its me) caught up with Rich Hil to discuss tattoos, his thought process after rehab & of course his music.

#fact Rich Hil is the shit, like the dude is super awesome. I had the pleasure of working with Rich on a song for my up coming release the track is produced by Mike Cash. Support dude.

Directed by Evan Brockett & Puma

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The girl with the good thick curves saves monday

Them good thick curves really pep up the monday morning blues. The cherry blossom tattoos real adds a zest, to an already sexy body.

Sinatra sunday..

you guess it Frank sings about girls but tells this one particular to kick rocks if she is gonna play games.

Sunday love !!!!

Who else is a fan of slim waisted chick but then #BAM unsuspectedly she’s a big booty judy ?