Vulkan the Krusader – The Rare Era

Here is the first song released off the “The Lucy Naive Mixtape” which is love themed with a story, slated to release February 14th, 2011. Get The Rare Era HERE

Alberto Del Rio is the WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Winner

So tuesday night on my radio program (The Emilio Sparks Experience on 88.9 fm WSIA) Fellow wrestling fan & pal of mine David D from The Smoking Section, & I made our Rumble predictions. I choose Delrio, David chose Punk.

Was it a surprise the decision to go with Alberto Del Rio as this year’s winner NOPE. Del Rio is fresh and one of the best characters I have seen the WWE develop in years. But most saw it as that I like the fact it wasnt a sure thing it makes the smarks sit back & think does the internet lie?

Big up to all the people I tweeted wrestling talk with, it was a fun Sunday in tweet land thats for sure.

I would have settled for a Punk win as well………

The Girl who practices safe sex Saves Monday

Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex ( I had too lol ) but yes safe smushing leads to no germs. No germs lead to more smushing (see above) This public services announcement was brought to you by

Why CM Punk in match promo @ Royal Rumble 2010 Owned

This is a special time in Wrestling. This time of year makes me turn into the 11 year old wrestling fan I once was. The story lines are actually decent in the World Wrestling Entrainment this time of year. The Royal Rumble starts the Wrestlemaina count down.

Here is one of my favorite moments from the Royal Rumble match it self. It features CM Punk cutting promos in the middle of doing work.

CM Punk’s role in the 2010 Royal Rumble was a genius… To my knowledge cutting a promo after every elimination was never done before. I thought this was brilliant, I wasn’t a CM Punk fan until this moment. Medina 420 & I were watching this saying ok CM Punk is the dude now.

“Excuse me, it’s clobbering time”, lol Fucken WIN

Sinatra Sunday..

Sinatra once said “Life’s worth living cause dyings a pain in the ass.

Sunday Love !!!!

John Colombo 2011 Directors Reel

This shit is EPIC, If you don’t know by now how talented John Colombo is as a director than you must not appreciate awesome things. This is pretty awesome the 11 second to 15 second mark is a killer.

J NiCS – Road To Riches (video)

I need this edited for radio play asap. (I DO RADIO !!!!! Tuesday nights 10pm till 2am 88.9 fm or )

ScienZe – Drama “Geppetto” (Video)

Directed by by Manny Fresco

Download the “Hall Pass” Mixtape HERE

Jon Connor – Maniac (Video)

Jon Connor- Maniac Video from Jon Connor on Vimeo.

Jon’s Vinnie Chase: Season 1 mixtape is real illtastic you need that in your life. Respect to Sav