Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar – Code Red

Black Hippy is still here, people. After releasing his debut album with Strange Music, Jay Rock has been non stop. Now that I look at the dynamic of Black Hippy, I am glad they are comprised the way they are. Jay Rock is hard core. Kendrick is super lyrical and introspective. Ab Soul is extra soulful in his hood glory. Schoolboy Q is the king of “the fuck shit” (meaning- good weed, good women, and having the time of his life). I get it, y’all. I get it.

Troy Ave – Bricks In My BackPack 2: Powder to the People

Troy Ave has been pushing his staple of hood ignorance for a quick little minute now. Back with the second installment, much hasn’t changed. He’s still hood with it. He still come with those hilarious rhymes. He even got more guests to ride with him. Peep out what he got in store. You might like it.

Download here!

Smoke DZA Record Release Party with Emilio Sparks

Monday night at SOB’s,Smoke DZA held his album release party for his newest project Rolling Stoned. When Hollywood Smoke has a NYC show, I am always on the wheels of steel,(turntables for you non hip cats). The place was packed with great energy. DZA graced the staged accompanied by his George Kush army. DZA performed a 45 min set with a mix of new joints and some classics.

The Kush God invited CurT@!n$ to do Smoke and Dope,then Spoon did 2 cuts of his own. Two moments stand out for me 1. Hearing the crowd sing the words to Divine Music, 2.EVERYONE AT SOB’S HOLDING UP LIGHTERS when the DZA performed The World.

I’m proud of my brother. He did the damn thing last night. DZA is a genuine person & a great friend. His work ethic is constant he constantly evolves as an artist and deserves all the successes that comes with the music industry.

If you are sorta in the know about Smoke DZA, my advice is cop Rolling Stoned.

photos taken by Dirty Souf Yankee

Support Smoke DZA and check out Rolling Stoned

STS – Cliche

Straight off of his new mixtape The Illustrious comes this hilarious song. Now this hilarious song has a video. Many situations are enslaved within our psyche so deep that people would believe certain situations as the norm. Atlanta must be proud of this rhymers with so much charisma and character. Meanwhile, people can watch the video of the frat-party-gone-wrong and tell me what they think.

Skyzoo- Rocket Science

Skyzoo “Rocket Science” (Produced By !llmind) by duckdown

Skyzoo is truthfully one of the best out right now. I’m not sure people are understanding what he says in his rhymes. He spits a lot of heavily layered lyrics that have double meanings and deeper contexts to research just to understand.

He swears its not rocket science. I beg to differ

Killa Kyleon- Make Me feat. Jack Freeman

Killa Kyleon – Make Me Feat. Jack Freeman from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.

1.) Killa Kyleon’s mixtape HAS to be tough business. His homie Smoke Dza already dropped more heat for the streets.

2.) As many features as Killa done accrued, you would think people would recognize and realize his potential.

3.) Tha Bizzness impresses me more and more with his production prowess.

4.) Candy Paints and Texas Plates. September 1st. You need to download.

Neako- The Number 23: Act 1 (video trailer)

Neako has yet failed to not impress me with his brand of “high’ed up lyricism”. He always shows off being an enjoyable rhymer even to those that don’t care for him. With Wiz Khalifa affiliations, you would think he would have been on the first major label smoking. However, he had to make sure that his music and buzz develops enough to engulf fans into submission. I hope this is all in his master plan.

Goapele- Play

Play by DeconRecords

I wish, at times, that this beat went in more. But as soon as the chorus gets into play, the song goes into a more ethereal-cosmic space. I don’t know if everyone will be digging this sound. I am feeling it, though. Take us there, Goapele. Take us there.

Old School vs. New School hip hop

Straight from Dead End Hip Hop comes a nice debate on the rift between the old and the new. One of the biggest problems, to me, is that the old doesn’t listen to the new and vice versa. The old may feel many of these newer artists are either disneyfied transvestites in skinny jeans or chumps. And let’s be honest: why do you think the fake-Ghostface-chronicles about the softest rappers in the game gets so much love? In reverse, the newer kids think many legends should die, go collect social security, or “let the new breed in”. It is a never ending saga of stupidity to me.


AWAR – Orange Boxcutter

Above we are presented with the official video for AWAR “Orange Boxcutter” which was produced by Vanderslice and directed by the very talented Puma, The Program LLC. the song features DJ Majic on the cuts and is off of AWAR’s Nature Of The Beast project, available on iTUNES now! Nature Of The Beast has production from Alchemist, Sid Roams, Vanderslice, Frank Dukes, M-Phazes, and Ayatollah and features from Joe Budden, Mic King, Manifest, & Lawrence Arnell. Definitely a dope project to check out!