Review of WWE’s Monday Night Raw 9/26/11

Before we start our weekly epitaph, does anyone else get annoyed when they say “supershow”? I think at this point the the brand extension is slowly dieing off. The “super shows” eliminates 70% of the WWE roster and we only see the same handful of top guys each week, this renders the draft pretty much useless.

Triple H starts the program and explains why Truth and Miz were fired, because of their words and actions from Night of Champions. Ziggs and Vickie come out to complain about guest host Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman interfering in Ziggs match last week. Seconds later Cody Rhodes hits the ring cuts a promo about Randy Orton bashing him with a ring bell on Smackdown.

Christian comes out to piss and moan to Hunter. Christian does his best impression of Sly Stallone from the movie F.I.S.T and attempts to organize the heels into filing a massive lawsuit against WWE. Captain Charisma being the selfish scumbag we all know and love tells Hunter he will forget the whole thing if he gets just one more match. Because HHH is snarky Hunter decides to book Christian against Cena (non-title), Orton on Friday and Sheamus at Hell In The Cell. While all this nonsense took place Dolph Ziggler has to face Zack Ryder while Cody has to defend the Intercontinental title in a 10-man battle royal. I blame Punk for all the wrestlers speaking their minds in these shoot style promos.

The first match of the night was the Intercontinental Title 10-Man Battle Royal. Remember when the IC title was the cooler title than the heavy weight? Shit I do… I use to backyard wrestle and could give two flying shits about any other title. The IC belt was held by the best of the best. Any way there are a whole bunch of workers in this match so allow me to run through this match fast. Drew McIntyre who hasn’t had a push in what seems like years gets eliminated immediately because he’s a jobber and cant sell a t-shirt. Heel Sin Cara the taller one runs out and yanks out baby-face Sin Cara the smaller one out of the ring and we get week two of a lucha off. Justin Gabriel and Alex Riley get eliminated by the machine Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson tosses Daniel Bryan and John Morrison at the same time.

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PIPE CITY: Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter is an actress who’s famous in the UK for her role in the popular soap opera Hollyoaks. She also models for numerous publications such as Nuts, Loaded and Sugar Magazine. Porter was introduced to American audiences when FHM released their 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 list. This gorgeous babe was placed at number 50. Enjoy!

ZUMBI – Mind In the Sky

Zion I’s own Zumbi releases this song which will appear on his album Versus mixtape. Another electronically hinged “slapper” for the masses. His flow is almost Lil Wayne-esque. Well, except that he is actually saying something. Lil Wayne spits gibberish and silliness nowadays. Anyways, just peep his song. It is actually…nice!

Big Krit and DJ Michael Watts- Return of 4eva (Chopped and Screwed)

Just what I have been waiting for. Just when someone was talking about being new on Big Krit because of his new song with 8-Ball and MJG. Now we have this to jam to. Hate it or love it, DJ Michael Watts is keeping the chopped and screwed movement moving along. Personally, I will continue to jam to it. It just slows things down so I can make sure I understand.

Download here!

Wale feat. Miguel- Lotus Flower Bomb

So, the real question is this: will his new album be doper than his mixtapes? Yes, he has flow. Yes, he is an emcee gifted with words. Yes, he can make any type of record. BUT, will it translate into an arguably elite album experience? Not a classic, but at least….elite? We can only find out for sure. If this single is any indication, there may be a possibility. Ambition is coming 11-1-11…I think.

Download here!

Murs x Ski Beatz- Let’s Go (video)

Murs seems to be getting back into rare form with these Ski Beatz produced songs. Is it me or does Murs make some of his best work when he works exclusively on a project with just one producer. Not saying he should stay doing that…..I’m just saying that he should stay doing that. Yeah, I know. I made a conflicting statement. Sue me. And don’t put Emilio’s name on it as a co-defendant. He has better things to do like look at pretty girls and watch wrestling.


Cappadonna – Pull Your Life Together (Video)

First song from Cap’s new mixtape “Eyrth, Wynd, and Fyre” produced entirely by J.Glaze

Jared Evan “HURT” (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Team Scumbino member Jared Evan presents “unCOVERED”. unCOVERED is a musical web series created by Jared Evan and executive produced by Rik Cordero. It follows visual interpretations of classic cover songs, written and produced entirely by Jared Evan.


Video: Koncept & Tranzformer – High

Lolz, well a man in the kitchen is always an entertaining sight to see. High is off the Brown Bag AllStar’s freEP with producer Tranzformer More Than Meets The Eye which you can check out here.

Casual – Fiend for Hip Hop (Video)

Directed by Casual for Wetfoot Filmworks

Casual decides step behind the camera to shoot a video for his song “Fiend for Hip Hop”, off the album “The Hierophant