Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day in Hell (mixtape)

Well, it seems like Gangsta Gibbs has released that mixtape he been promoting. From the look at the responses, this is another album-turned-free music situation for Gibbs until he releases his full fledged CTE album. Meanwhile, the Str8 Slammin’ Click is still doing its rounds for the Midwest movement. You can’t hate a man that wants to see his city succeed.

And yes, I’m supporting my hometown hustler. The end.

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Hell Razah feat. R.A. The Rugged Man – Return Of The Renaissance

This is something to support just due to the conditions that the man is/was in. Just recovering from a recent emergency brain surgery, Hell Razah noted that the surgery “saved his life”. With that given, he goes back to making music to inspire the masses and pay the bills. You know what? That reminds me of my full time teaching gig. I support this type of situation any day of the week.

The WWE Monday Night Raw After Vengeance

Thank goodness for DVR, the invention really is a lifesaver. For numerous reason DVR is a helpful tool the fast forward factor is very underrated. Now your thinking did he really breeze through RAW, will this review be total shit? No heres why.

I speed through the fluff now that could be most if not all of the program, yet I still have faith so with remote in hand lets start GO….. Triple H started off Monday Night RAW, Im getting flash backs of 2003. In 03 hunter had beef with both HBK and Kevin Nash. 8 years later the old man beef continues.

Triple H said that he could make friends or make money. He said he’s always lived by those words. Hunter said he considered himself the lucky one who was able to make money and have a strong group of friends. He mentioned Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, and Kevin Nash. No mention of Scott Hall, REALLY Hunter.. Not cool bro not cool.

Buy this point the crowd eating out of Hunters hands. Hunter said Kevin Nash broke my heart,” The broken hearted went on to say he wants to kick Nash’s ass. Johnny Ace makes an appearance and stared to say something raspy but Hunter told Laurinaitis to shut up and not walk through the ropes. Hunter said Laurinaitis’s job for tonight was to search the building and find Nash, and bring him to the ring.

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A$AP Rocky presents “Get Lit”

So his style of music is called “Harlem Trill”? That sentiment makes a lot of sense to me. Practically, that is what his music is: Harlem’s take on down south customary living. Which is where “Get Lit” continues to take the music to: south of the Northern border. Although A$AP makes off brand references (Venus is in the same galaxy, sir), we get the idea. This song “takes you there”. Can’t wait for that mixtape to drop.

Bumpy Knuckles x DJ Premier – BAP

This is that classic Gang Star Foundation type sound. Remember that music that DJ Premier would make with Guru? That classic Gang Starr sound? This is pretty much what it would sound like. People may feel that this is dated. I feel that this will leave the ears sedated. Pure honesty.

Bumpy Knuckles does take the time to address Solaar on how he screwed over Guru. He knew Bumpy would have laid those hands on him, though. Glad he spotted that fake for what he was.

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A3C Hip Hop Festival: Day 2 — Dead End Hip Hop

So, Saigon rocks out to a Super Mario inspired beat. Dope. Jean Grae makes due by telling people to put their cameras away and enjoy the experience. Of course. Big Krit goes into his set and rips it acapella. Yeah. I mean, like I said before: A3C is the hip hop Disneyland. And that is all we need to understand about it.

Sinatra Sunday..

My Grandfather Vincent was a rolodex of information when it came to Sinatra. My mother and Uncle patrick divided up his Sinatra record collection. No joke my Grandfather had his entire discography all on vinyl original pressings. He even had the pleasure of meeting old blue eyes.

Sunday Love !!!!

Instead of being a clique and posting halloween cheeks, I decided to post an Italian Sunday theme. 2 cups of unbleached flour, 3 large eggs, and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Fresh pasta has never looked so good.

Editors Note: Peep last years Halloween Cheeks HERE

T-Pain – Fantasy f. Dawn

It’s the weekend, why NOT listen to T-Pain?? This track can be found on T-Pain’s prEVOLVEr mixtape which is out now. Side note: Dawn kind of sounds like a Brandy back in her prime on this track or maybe I’ve just been watching too many reruns of Moesha.

Asap Rocky – Bass (produced by Clams Casino)

More music from the upcoming LiveLoveA$AP. This guy right here is the guilty pleasure. He spits about everything I should not condone. Yet, I can’t stop listening. Why? Cause I can relate to this side of life. Maybe its the Gary, Indiana in me. I don’t know. I do understand that A$AP does come off with that hood rap that both NY and down south people can truly love.

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