SIN – The Third Lifetime

Shall we continue in SIN? But of course. Anyways, if you follow Ashley Outrageous on twitter then you should be pretty familiar with Sin, if not go follow that girl immediately and tell her that I sent ya. Meet Sin, a upcoming MC from Rhode Island who now currently resides in South Florida. Sin has paired up with DJ Booth and Ashley Outrageous to present his latest offering The Third Lifetime. This eight track compilation only features one artist, Harlem vocalist Rocki Evans but the standout piece, the production! The line up on here is no joke, Wishlade, Thelonious Martin, Terrence Clayton, Jove Beats and 8Bars. Whewwww, you’re in for a treat, sugar coating sold separately. And on that note welcome to The Third Liftetime.

ps. The artwork gets two thumbs up, loving the subtle design. *Daps* Gianni Lee.

Download here

THURZ – DOPE (Video)

I have meet and interviewed a ton of people but I have yet to kick it with Thurz, we speak on BBM weekly but I have yet to interview Thurz.

Drake x OG Ron C = Chop Care

Dropping a few hours ago for all the screw heads out there. Jonny Shipes would love something like this. In actuality, this is the music that we would bang on those midwestern nights inebriated in the streets. People don’t understand, but they will soon enough.

Download here!

SAYITAINTTONE ft Earlly Mac – Turn (Video)

Tone and Mac are collectively known as Lord & Taylor, and will drop their collaborative project hosted by Don Cannon soon. Tone and I will be traveling as magicians with our Criss Angel magic kits. If your confused as to why there’s talk of magic tricks read our twitter conversation.

My Memory Of Patrice O’Neal

Yesterday Patrice O’neal passed away after suffering stroke a last month. I did not know Patrice on a personal level but a few years ago I interned for The Opie and Anthony Show. Patrice O’Neal was a regular on the program. I must have seen and spoke with Patrice a dozen or so times while interning, but the memory I’m about to share sticks out in my mind.

For whatever reason there was a Liberator sex couch inside the Opie and Anthony studio. I don’t remember why O&A gave Patrice the sex couch, all I remember was Patrice asking me to help him get the Liberator to his car. Im slightly germophobic so the idea of lugging a couch with god knows what embedded in the fibers wasn’t my ideal way of earning my stripes with the show. But I did my due diligence as an intern. I remember Patrice being excited that he was going to have sex with his girl on the Liberator.

In our makeshift kitchen area were those gloves you wear when you do the dishes. I put them and we proceed to lug to the couch to the elevator making awkward eye contact with other people who work in the same building. We carried the Liberator 5 or 6 blocks to a parking garage. As we get to his truck he told me thank you and went into his pocket and pulled out ten dollars, I decline a tip and told him the experience was enough. I told him I was just starting out in radio and would like to interview him on my WSIA radio show. He gave me his number and told me to call him.

I never saw or spoke to Patrice again my internship ended 3 days later. I never did call him for that interview, but the memory of lugging the Liberator up 57th and 7th avenue is one of the best memories I have during that whole internship experience.

Patrice was super talented quick witted comedian who also had a small stint as a writer with the WWE. Below is Patrice’s first appearance on The Opie and Anthony Show.

Juicy J – Blue Dream and Lean

Yes. The Juiceman is back with this Taylor Gang affiliated mixtape. I don’t know how others will feel about his affiliation. Personally, I could care less. Whatever it takes to keep his life going and money flowing, I’m all with it.

Download here!

Phil Ade’ – Coming Home

A fitting video for a great song off of a prolific mixtape. Phil Ade’ drops visuals from his A Different World project. Coming Home is about the title: going back to the place that you were born and raised. Enjoy what his mind conjures up.

Asap Rocky – Demons

Found this while roaming Worldstarhiphop (for whatever reason). I like this kid. He is making some great music. People want to get on him about not being the greatest rapper. But, he has a flow and makes great songs that are tangible and stick in your memory. THAT is what music, at the end of the day, is all about.

Geek Squad – A Good Feeling

These boys are very close to my heart. I’ve been rocking with them for a couple of years now and they just keep getting better with every track they send me. Now when I first read that Flo-Rida used the great Etta James on this track I went cross-eyed but Geek Squad took him out and replaced his wack rhymes with some pretty dope ones and here we have the end result. Great stuff if you ask me, check it out below and let us know what you think of Miami’s finest!

Anthony Hamilton – Woo

Mmm, there’s nothing like some new Anthony Hamilton to start my day off right. This man’s got a hell of a sexy voice, sadly his face doesn’t match but..that voice is heaven. Back To Love is slated to drop on December 13th, we’re given the first visuals off the album today along with a pretty bad chick included in the package. Enjoy!