M-Phazes – What It’s All About f. Brown Bag AllStars (Video)

Brown Bag All Stars have done it again. With that new M-Phazes album out, you know that the videos are gonna crank out. What better than something realer than real for your eyes. Take a gander at what they have to offer…which is dope music all around.

Smoke Dza – He Has Risen (trailer)

The Kushed God has risen. Piffington Polo Bear John John Rugby Smoke Dza hit the world up with his trailer for some episodes showcasing some SXSW touring madness. You know what? I can’t wait.

Jopedo x Makeda – Aporia EP

Yeah. I am glad I get to seek out those hidden gems that most don’t know nothing about. Its stuff like this that makes my searching for soul….the greatest thing ever. Jopedo x Makeda came together to make something that is highly memorable. The beauty of it all is the subtlety of the production and the sleek meaningfulness of the music. Download and listen for yourself.

Ultimate Warrior vs Macho Man WrestleMania VII

Why is this match in its entirety impossible to find on youtube? Fuck it highlights are gonna have to do. The match was amazing…From start to finish. Warrior did two things I thought were impressive he walked to the ring and actually wrestled.

The success of the match was due to Macho. Savage wasn’t Hulk Hogan (a mark for himself) Macho realized what worked for business. That was Warrior Kicking out of 5 Elbows added to the epicness of this match.

I cry as an adult during the Savage Liz reunion. What can I say I’m a romantic.

Buddy feat. Kendrick Lamar – Staircases (song)

Staircases, huh? The chorus isn’t the most greatest thing in the world. But damn…it works in its simple mindedness. Plus, it allows the beat (some Pharrell goodness) to infest your brain. Plus, the rhymes do all the other work. Yeah, I like this.

Visit VANE

Dear New York patrons, please do yourself a favor and take a trip on down to the VANE concept store located in LES on 125 Rivington St. (between Essex and Norfolk) New York, NY 10002. In the meantime head over to www.wearevane.com for some online browsing therapy. Do like the video and get your his and hers on.

Ric Flair Vs Undertaker WrestleMania X-8

As we continue on with WrestleMania week, lets look at one of the slept on matches on the card. This Mania had Hogan vs Rock so all the attention was on that, but I believe this was the first match where people were like”wait Undertaker never lost? Ok, lets build that.”

Plus this was Flair’s first “OK THAT IS RIC FUCKEN FLAIR” match since like 97 and second mania match ever. The first being 10 years prior vs Randy Savage.

Children of the Night – Queens… Revisited

Queens! The borough I know and love.

Following the trippy video release of “ILYAS” and the single “Kids From Queens,”the World’s Fair trio, Children Of The Night, finally unleash Queens…Revisited, premiered via FADER.

Released via Мишка Records, the mixtape features the likes of Roc Marciano, Gita, Meechy Drako (Flatbush Zombies) and production from SKYWLKR (Danny Brown), Left Brain (Odd Future), Black Noi$e, and more.

Stream/Download: Children of the Night – Queens…Revisited [Mixtape]

Fortunate Ones – Fear Killers


Following the release of “Nothing New,” the Fortunate Ones releases another gem off upcoming effort “LIFELINES” with the cinematic video for “Fear Killers,” premiered by MTV UK. I actually really dig this track, whoever created the beat, two thumbs up to them!

Cage – Super Baked (song)

Yeah, so this is the Cage that I am used to. I am used to the meandering lyrics that are intellectually fool-hardy and horrific in imagination. Damn that. This guy made intellectual horror ultimately cooler than polar bear incisors. Screw what you heard.