John Graham – Speak Love (single)

This is the lead single that will be coming from John Graham’s new project. I must say that I like this song. It is inspired by the negativity that has happened due to his positivity. Success breeds people paying attention. When people pay attention, there will be negative comments. John had to learn this the hard way.

TUGE – 9th Inning

TUGE swings for the fences on the new J. Cardim-produced track “9th Inning.” The New York emcee is in a league of his own as he employs witty references to America’s favorite pastime and demonstrates a presence on wax that curves the competition. Listen below!

Jhene Aiko – Step Into Black (performance montage)

From the likes of Andrew Thomas Clifton, Jhene Aiko was performing at the Enclave in Chicago. This captures the energy and connection the crowd had with the singer. Most impressive.

K Camp – Foolin’ Nobody

Off K Camp’s upcoming mixtape, #Fan4Life which drops April 27th. Track prod. by Big Fruit & Bobby Kritical. Check it out below and let us know what you think! I’m a fan.

Preview of more Killer Mike x El P tracks

May is coming around real soon. May 15th is even closer. Adult Swim knows this. They have an album to promote. What album? R.A.P. Music by Killer Mike. Oh, and this is going to be a near classic if these snippets have anything to say about it. Bump this at your own risk.

Peep it here. Peace to Williams Street.

Nas – Daughters (single)

Damn. This song is probably one of the most heartfelt, real songs I done heard from Nas in a while. Not that his other stuff isn’t real. But damn, this is a good look because he is putting himself out there. People need to realize: his daughter is 17. He’s a man. He will always be afraid for his daughter’s safety and well being. Damn, man…..

Sinatra Sunday..

Orange is the happiest color – Frank Sinatra

Sunday Love !!!!

Add-2 – Ain’t Sh*t Change (loosie single)

Add-2 actually goes in on this one. He gets so explanatory and self-reflective that it is both gut wrenching and heart warming at the same time. I didn’t know a song could do both. But he lays it down the line on being taken seriously, being uninspired by some of the rappers, and how wack these chumps are. I can always count on Add-2 to bring the truth.

JAMIESON – Rebel With A Cause

One of my absolute favorite MCs and dear dear friend Jamieson returns with a brand new video from the soon to be released,”I Came, I Saw Vol. 3″ which features long time friend and fellow UK rapper K.I.N.E.T.I.K. with production by Vintage. Also if you like the sweater Jamieson is wearing in the video, head on over to, they’ve got some great stuff!