Emilio Sparks, aka “The Broke Celebrity”, is an American Live DJ, Blogger, and Radio Personality. He is the host of the popular Hip-Hop program “The Emilio Sparks Experience” on WSIA 88.9FM which broadcasts from The College of Staten Island. Using the experience attained on his radio show, Emilio has amassed a collection of interviews with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop:

Aside from shooting the shit on the radio waves and asking the hard hitting questions, Emilio is also very knowledgeable in pop culture which shines through brightest in his blog posts and twitter stream. (Emilio actually obtained his famous interview with Joe Budden after creating a twitter campaign to gain the rapper’s attention)

Due to the vigorous pace of Sparks’ efforts, he’s begun to pop up on the radar of the big boys. Most recently you may have seen Emilio as Staten Island’s representative for Nike’s new 1LOVE Campaign.

Just in case you can’t get enough of Mr. Sparks, he’s also been doing an online version of his radio show for the past 3 years. Previously called “The Degocast”, Emilio releases a new episode of “The Emilio Sparks Experience” every two weeks. You can check that out by clicking the “Podcasts” tab above or searching for “The Emilio Sparks Experience” in iTunes.