Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night Pt 2 (feat. Despot & Wiki)

Run The Jewels 2

I am not sure what I should say about these artists that haven’t been said already. I do know that this track should have easily been included on the album. Or is this an exclusive track focused on the deluxe edition? I don’t know. I do know that the beat and lyrics are extra dense with its references and hardcore antics.

    Ras Kass x Apollo Brown – How To Kill God (single)

    Apollo Brown x Ras Kass

    People need to read and listen beneath the surface. “Blasphemy” doesn’t mean we are being Blasphemous (though to many it may seem that way) – it is a commentary on the people claiming to be religious but who are actually being blasphemous. And “How To Kill God” isn’t us killing God, it is again a critique of how society and modern life is killing all that should be sacred. Dig deeper than the surface in all things if you want truth. Only by stripping away the false can you be righteous. The ancients didn’t read or write as we do, their words were meant to be studied and meditated on – seen from multiple angles to reveal multiple meanings – that’s what we hope you will do with this song, listen, study and allow the layers of understanding to reveal knowledge as you journey towards wisdom.

    Blasphemy is out now. You can cop it here.

      Drake is On His 6 Sh*t

      Drake - 6 God

      If you missed out this weekend, Drake dropped three different tracks. However, I have no confirmation as to if these tracks will appear on his next album (View from The 6). Take them for what they are worth, though. He is in the right direction.

        The Daily Hot Chick


        Dave East -Take Money (Video)

        Dave’s #EastMix is series of freestyle videos that we’ll be releasing periodically.

        Stone Cold Steve Austin wants bigger push for Cesaro


        Stone Cold Steve Austin has been very vocal on twitter and his podcast telling Vince McMahon and co to spend more time in developing Cesaro. Cesaro was involved in WWE’s Hell in a Cell weekend PPV, facing Dolph Ziggler for the intercontinental title, but once again he wasn’t given the chance to shine as Ziggler beat the Swiss Superman in back to back pins in there two of three falls encounter.

        “I think his work is so strong that people will respect him and be drawn to him,”

        “I think they (WWE) will in a war of attrition. There’s so many injuries, the roster is so thin, you’ve got to give this guy a green light push and I think he was headed for a babyface run, then he kind of got off track,”

        “They put him with Paul Heyman, And just left to his own devices, I think his work is so strong that people will respect him and be drawn to him.” – Said Austin


        Many people expected Cesaro to be given a leading role in the WWE following his win in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, but while his success there led to a partnership with Paul Heyman his booking post WrestleMania has shown WWE isnt doing much with the King of Swing.

        Shinobi Ninja – Post No Bulls (Video)

        On Nov 1st, The Ninjas are rocking a 60 Minute set recorded and streamed in HD at Live From Center Stage at Cape Cod’s Community Center.

        Snoop Dogg Possibly In Upcoming Cheech & Chong Movie

        Cheech Marin recently stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle on Shade45. He reveals that there is a new Cheech & Chong heading into production and there’s the possibility of Snoop Dogg being casted. Cheech also shares stories on Tupac living in the same neighborhood as him in Hollywood. All the neighbors were terrified of having Tupac as their neighbor because the cops would always show up due to loud parties.

        Cheech Marin also goes on to speak on his and Quentin Tarantino’s working relationship. From working on From Dusk Till Dawn together and playing three roles, and how the inspiration for Pulp Fiction started. Pulp Fiction has a similar shooting style to the Cheech & Chong Classics, and Cheech brought that up to Quentin at dinner one night. Quentin admitted that the Cheech & Chong movies had actually inspired the style of Pulp Fiction of instantly changing scenes and bouncing around.

        F.Virtue & Juan Deuce ft. J57 & Daniel W!shington – Cufflinks (Video)

        Here is the lead single/video from F. Virtue & Juan Deuce’s collabo FREE album; New York Strangers. Featured doing his rap/producer thing is J57.

        1Way TKT – Life Of The Party


        NYC-based electronic duo 1Way TKT announces the release of their newest single “Life of the Party”. 1Way TKT creates a unique and eclectic dance sound mixing all different influences from jazz to dubstep, each song is a blend of upbeat, melodic grooves; fusing the digital and analog.