Yasiin Gaye – “Anna’s Love Song” (Soul Mates Tribute)

Yasiin Gaye Annas Song

Sounds like another single is in the chamber for Yasiin Gaye. And this one is another jam. Flipping that “Love Song” by Da Bush Babees and “Anna’s Song”, we get this goodness. Just press play.

Common feat. Ab-Soul – Made In Black America (prod. by No ID)

Common Made In Black America

Remember when cats would get together to spit hot verses? Well, it DOES still happen. I’m not sure how to take this, though. Common goes hard. Ab-Soul probably stole the show. The beat is simple, yet banging. This is love right here.

Atmosphere – Bob Seger (Official Video)

Atmosphere is still making great music. The end. I’m not saying much more than that. If you don’t get what I’m saying then you need to do some research.

Nick Astro – Put Me On (ft. Legit)

This is for all of the bloggers that take the time to ignore Nick Astro and Legit. Bloggers can be some funny acting people. I should know: I AM one of those funny acting people. It takes time for me to come around. Then again, I can at least work hard to support people’s aspirations. It is the least I can do.

Leaked Audio from WWE Commentators Mocking #CMPunk Fans


I have gotten a shit load of tweets and already spoke on the matter. Watch HERE. I will say if this is a well orchestrated work than BRAVO WWE. Never has anything just “leaked” in the WWE. We all know any “leaked” material is usually kayfabe.

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Drake Calls Macklemore’s Grammy Apology Text ‘Wack As F–k’


I like Macklemore, I dig his music. I feel he gets a bad rap because of the melodic pop hits. But that doesn’t define an artist to me. Listen to what he says in his music before the labels are placed. Pop music by definition is popular music.

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Bizzy Crook “Double Cup Love/ Only My Way Back” [Video]

The crook returns with a new visual. “Double Cup Love” & “Only My Way Back”. Click and comment!

DUBB ‘RNB’ [Video]

New clip off California Rapper Dubb’s “Never Content” mixtape. Soulful saxophone. Click and comment!

Teaser: Gunplay ‘Heaven or Hell’ [Video]

Gunplay tries his hand at label mate Meek Mill’s joint off of “DC3″. Full video coming soon!

Vado Featuring Chinx Drugs ‘Hay Now’ [Audio]


In and out flow w/ Vado and Chinx Drugs. “Sinatra” EP leak. Fire.