Flatbush Zombies – Palm Trees (video)

While performing on tour, Flatbush Zombies made great use of some footage to film a video that takes Palm Trees both figuratively and literally. Figuratively as in the trees that they palm. Literally as in they was performing in an area that had plenty of palm trees to speak of. This is how it happens, people. I am just glad they are still doing their own thing.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire feat. Cokey Briccz & Raul – Body For Body

Mr MFN eXquire Body For Body

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire has that tendency to flip flows whenever he is in the mood to. What people need to understand is that he will never come the same way for too long. Once he flips it in one style, he is going to throw that curve ball to keep people guessing. This is what makes him one of the most appreciated lyricists to come out.

And this is for the last one I missed (Gonzo Part 2):

Ab-Soul feat. Schoolboy Q – Hunnid Stax

Ab-Soul These Days

Ab-Soul feat. Schoolboy Q? I can dig it. This is cool as hell. I am wondering how all of his tracks will work together to make an album. The issue I am seeing is that he will always have to match his last great record. That last great record came out last year. You see the connection? June 24 is just around the corner. We will see what it all sounds like, won’t we?

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Audra The Rapper ‘Nutter Butters’ [Video]

“Retrospectrum” visual from Audra The Rapper. She is definitely an artist to keep a lookout for. Click and comment!

Cory Gunz ‘I Got It’ [Video]

New Cory Gunz clip directed by United Millions. Click and comment if you got it on ya mind. 

A$AP Mob ‘Hella Hoes’ [Video]

A$AP Freak show.

Atmosphere – We Ain’t Gonna Die Today (Official Video)

I have so many questions about this video:

1.) What is the symbolic meaning of the nunchucks?

2.) What is the meaning of him waking as a king?

3.) What is up with that dope Cleveland State basketball jersey and who is “Miller”?

So many questions for a dope video.

Mac’s Three Points: Bryan’s Reign, Seth Rollins, and MITB


2014 was expected to be a turning point for the WWE. The announcement of the WWE Network was set to create a revolutionary business format that would take them to new stratosphere. WrestleMania 30 was the culmination of a ‘pipebomb’ worked shoot in 2011; burgeoning a new era where social media and reality blurred the ever-thinning lines of kayfabe. It was the turning point in making Daniel Bryan the guy to go not named John Cena and transitioning into making Roman Reigns the next heir apparent.  It can all still go that way, but they have hit detours along the way.

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Analog (Preach Jacobs & Dose) – Bet You Didn’t Know That

I have never heard of these cats. Now that I have, I am surely glad that I did. This is some dope shit. I can’t even front. I can get with this one right here.