Ab-Soul feat. Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean – World Runners

Ab-Soul These Days

Ab-Soul is making sure that people understand where he is coming from on his new album. I see he made some good use of his Lupe Fiasco feature. The beat has that TDE knock and drum patterns (meaning: erratic). This song works do keep some interest going. I wonder how it all fits within the scheme of the album, however.

Phony Ppl – Take A Chance

Phony Ppl - Take a Chance

I wanted to take the time to listen to this song all day yesterday. This song is some feel-good-at-the-beach type of stuff. Or, you know, that jam that you would cruise around playing while the sun is out and the top is dropped off the car. This is a summer time song. This is a song about relaxing with your peeps or your significant other. Mainly, your significant other.

Dope stuff!

Denmark Vessey and Scud One – Do You Believe

I have so many questions about this video. Yet, I have no idea as to where to begin. For one, why are they dressed in those bathrobes?!?

Seriously, though: this video is the epitome of how religious beliefs are spread. Or maybe it is symbolically linked to propaganda? Whatever comes first. All I know is that the video works with its nuances and the funky production behind Denmark’s rhymes.

G4SHI – ROOM 4 (Video)

G4SHI’s new album is slated to drop in October.

Riff Raff ft. Childish Gambino ‘Lava Glaciers’ [Audio]


Click this for Childish Gambino. Riff Raff is unbearable. The joke is over.

Maejor Ali Ft Trey Songz & Kid Ink ‘Me And My Team’ [Audio]


Maejor Ali drops a new single with Trigga Trey and Kid Ink. Click and comment!

G-Unit ‘Nah I’m Talkin ‘Bout’ [Video]

G-Unit. Back at it.

Boaz – Do It All Over (Video)

Boaz’ debut album via Rostrum is slated to drop sometime this summer.

Jabee – To Whom It May Concern (Video)

The Emmy nomination, Jabee returns with a new video off his Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt album, available now via Murs’ Label 3:16.

Yonas – Love Me Again


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