The Immortals Project Feat. El Da Sensei – On The Rise

This video is quite tantalizing. The moving lyrics and additional visuals help keep the attention. However, what is even more interesting is the fact that El Da Sensei is still at it. You have to love that if you are an Artifacts fan.

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WWE Survivor Series 2013 Preview


As the days draw near for another WWE Pay-Per-View, my interest for it wanes. Sure, it is one of the “Big Four” that have a strong history, but it doesn’t feel like it one bit. The 27th annual Survivor Series should feel like this grand blowoff to a great program, but it feels like another show. The main title programs aren’t interesting and the two people that the audience cares about the most are stuck in a tag match and unable to make great use of their talents. I actually feel at this point, Vince McMahon doesn’t give a shit about the rest of this year and is already focusing on April 6, 2013. Who can blame him, as that’s where it matters the most, but with a string of bad PPV buyrates it is good to gauge the current creative direction.

Nevertheless, this will be a show that to look at not for the matches, but how WWE will respond if their buyrate is lower than last year’s, which received 208k buys. If it is anywhere around 185k or lower, then it does not bode well for the current storyline they have. After all, they decided to run with Big Show over Daniel Bryan in this Authority angle after the last few Pay-Per-Views have been less than stellar in the box office. I’m not wishing harm for the company or hoping for failure, but I would love for them to receive a bad draw for the show to see what their explanation will be. But before any of that can come around, let me run down the card match-by-match and see if I can get any excitement at all.

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Raekwon- A Rainy Day (Prod By RoadsArt)

Raekwon Rainy Day

Raekwon truly does know how to make references in his songs. Personally, this song is extra personal. I would hope no one would want to create a situation like this for mess causing. Not this song. This is damn good.

Bilal – Lost for Now (Live in Bratislava)

Well, well, well. Bilal on a European tour? This is good. This allows him to collect international currency. Also, it allows people to see the man/the legend in his prime. Dope performance!

Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Amadu Diablo (video)

Filmed like a live version (via Unplugged), Action Bronson and Party Supplies has some fun. Fuck it. Why not? Do what makes it fun, Action Bronsalino [sp].

Rome Fortune – Easter Pimp (Chopped by OGRONC & DJ CANDLESTICK)

Rome Fortune Easter Pimp chopped n screwed

Rome Fortune has been getting a lot of burn on this website. So when he received the chance to show off his OG Ron C chopped and screwed tracks, you know I had to go for them. This stuff right here? Greatness.

SZA feat. Ab-Soul – Ice Moon Revisited (remix)

She has been going hard as of late.

She has been going hard as of late.

I must say that SZA has been on her grind. Still, I like what that grind has turned into. Keep going, SZA!!!

Step Brothers (Evidence & Alchemist) – Step Masters (Video)

Lord Steppington coming January 2014.

Kanye West – Bound 2 (Cookin Soul Remix)


Check out Cookin’ Soul‘s remix for Yeezy’s song Bound 2, off Yeezus.