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Sunday Love !!!!


Cunninlynguists feat. Zumbi Of Zion I – In The City

Cunninlynguists In The City

This was one of those releases that I didn’t get to hear from weeks ago. Well, about a couple of weeks ago. Coming off of their new album, it features Zumbi of Zion I. I can’t front: this shit is great. Then again, when has Cunninlynguists come wack? Think about a good answer and get back to me.

The Daily Hot Chick


Jay Electronica feat. LaTonya Givens – Better In Tune with The Infinite

Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica? New music? Absolutely. both beautifully done and completed. I am just happy to hear from Jay Electronica. Happy to hear it.

WWE Takes The Long Way Home


Written by Hustle Westbrook:

I’ll give WWE this much… they have a flair for the dramatic sometimes. For a long while now, we’ve seen rumors and buzz about the possibility of Daniel Bryan being in the WWE World Title match at WrestleMania 30.

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Atmosphere – Bitter (Official Video)

From Atmosphere:

due to how long and brutal this winter has been, we decided to get together with a bunch of friends and play in the snow. here is the footage. the temperature this day was below 0. we hope you watch this when you are warm and cozy somewhere on a beach.

Daft Punk – Computerized (Feat. Jay Z)

Daft Punk

Jay Z did his thing with this one. He isn’t saying some irrelevant raps about materialism. He is making a link between relationships and the advancement of modern technology. Then, we have the Daft Punk production that takes everything to the next level.

Suede Jury – Here We Go Again feat. Jaq (of Nola Darling)


This is the first single off the cinema-themed Suede Jury album “Soul Sophisticate: Everyone’s An Actor”, featuring Jaq of Nola Darling, produced by Jinesis.