Wrestle Wednesday: Brent Albright vs. Ken Doane – OVW 9/14/05

For this installment of Wrestle Wednesday, I feature a match between two in-ring talents that were primed for superstardom in the WWE, but it never happened. From 2000 until 2008, Ohio Valley Wrestling was the developmental territory for WWE. They help groom and produce a number of WWE superstars we know today including John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, and Brock Lesnar. Two superstars that became mainstays on the roster and showed a heap of potential were “The Shooter” Brent Albright and Ken Doane. Doane debuted in Pro Wrestling at only 15 years of age and even then his talent was remarkable. Brent Albright showed flashes of a younger Chris Benoit, though missing the raw charisma that made The Crippler so special as a worker.

They eventually were called up on the main roster, with Doane becoming the leader of the all-male cheerleading stable The Spirit Squad (with notables  Dolph Ziggler & Mike Mondo) under the alias Kenny Dykstra. Albright on the other hand was a little under the radar on Smackdown as Gunner Scott, which had underwhelming results and later released. Although Dykstra found success under The Spirit Squad and earlier in his singles push, he never reached the level that was predicted for him. He met the same fate in 2008 with the release of his WWE contract.

It’s pretty unfortunate that both men were underutilized as soon as they broke out onto the big stage, but they went on to have successful Independent careers after WWE. Albright was a part of Ring Of Honor for 3 years as a member of Lacey’s Angels and later The Hangm3n with Adam Pearce and BJ Whitmer. He went on to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Pearce in the Finals of a tournament. Then suddenly, he disappeared off the face of the Earth after dropping the title. No call-ups from TNA, no return to ROH full-time, no other Indy appearances, and no even a return to WWE. Albright just quietly faded into wrestling obscurity and it is a shame.

So I just YouTube some of his matches and found this gem he had with Doane. It was for the OVW Television Championship on a September 2005 episode of OVW and was a perfect showcase of both men’s talent. Doane was 19 around this time and looked so fucking good here working a basic, old-school match with a lot of intensity in the final moments. I really don’t want to spoil it, you guys should watch the match and enjoy.

Wrestle Wednesday: Mac’s Three Points On Raw, Survivor Series, HBK/Bryan


It was a little over 48 hours ago when I was confused and upset with WWE after their third disappointing Pay-Per-View event in a row. That was the time where I said that WWE creative is fucking this Corporation angle up and are not establishing CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as the future of the company. It was that moment where I forgot that wrestling storylines are a 10K marathon and not a 100-meter sprint. After being constantly reminded by fellow wrestling fans to give this story some time to breathe, I tuned in to Raw (not sober of course) and hot diggity damn it was good. Apparently this was the first Raw under Vince McMahon as Head Of Creative and coincidentally enough one where John Cena returns.

Maybe they lucked out in a huge way here with a great crowd. Maybe they were looking to put all the pieces in the puzzle at once leading to WrestleMania 30 six months from now. Whatever the case may be, Monday Night Raw turned into one of the best episodes this year.

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Run The Jewels – Get It (video)

Get It from Run The Jewels on Myspace.

This video is great just because it is. Run The Jewels is excellent just because it is. I have nothing else to elaborate on when it comes to this duo. Just let them be great. Like this video is. Am I being repetitive? Good. Greatness repeats itself sometimes.

The Daily Hot Chick


Bishop Nehru feat. Que Hampton – Exhale (Video)

Exhale from Bishop’s latest project “strictlyFLOWz”

Skeme – Oversick (Video)

The Duke drops the latest set of visuals from his upcoming Ingleworld album.

Tanya Morgan – Eulogy

This is both thought provoking and easy listening. Tanya Morgan hasn’t lost a step. I wonder how long they will continue? I hope it is for a long time. This is some good stuff.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Trailer)

Days of future past is an actual storyline from the comics. Really hoping this movie is as good as the trailer makes it.

Mr. MFN eXquire – Cherry Raindrops (video)

And you think that Orbz video was some cool shit? Naw, fam. This right here is that realness for real FOR REAL!

Now that I can calm down, I can tell you that I truly was enthralled and captivated by the visuals. This is a true love story. Well, a love story that goes wrong in the end.

Kelly Brook Ridiculously Hot Lingerie Photoshoot


Kelly Brook and Lingerie, just go together. I have no other witty quips to say. Peep the photos….

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