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Krondon Featuring Casey Veggies ‘K.F.C.’ [Audio]


New leak from Krondon featuring Mr. Veggies. “Everything’s Nothing” is due out November 19th. Click and comment!

Lil Herb ‘All My Niggas’ [Video]

“Welcome To Fazoland” is on the way. Click and play this new Lil Herb music video. Click and comment!

Coultrain – Asherah Le Chameleon (video)

A great song from a slept on album. If you don’t have Jungle Mumbo Jumbo, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Period.

Wu-Tang Clan=Avengers

wu tang

Last week marked the 20th anniversary of the greatest artistic achievement that Staten Island has ever produced: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). A lot of words were written and spoken about the album and the group and everyone over the age of 30 felt old as fuck.

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KA – You Know Its About

Fam! If people don’t start listening to the lyrics to this man’s songs, then they are doing themselves a disservice. I’m being straight up with you. He spits urban genius madness. And that is straight up and down.

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A$AP Rocky – Phoenix (video)

This video features Omar from the Wire Michael Williams with the pretty model. There must be some deception, disgrace, and disses going on. This chick had second thoughts and all. What type of madness is this? Oh, this is hip hop madness. Carry on.

Overdoz. – Boom (mixtape)

Overdoz. Boom

Whatever you think of this group is pretty irrelevant at this point. What needs to be known is that you should be bumping their music. The shit is dope. This new mixtape better not be any different.

I would get into all the guest features, production, and the rest of that highly relevant, yet impeding information. What I do know is that this groups will be music for as long as they keep their heads on top of their shoulders.

I am just saying.

Skeme – Millions (Official Video)

All I know is that Skeme been doing his thing since Pistols and Palm Trees. The same has to be said for everything else after that. Peep the heist and enjoy the music.