Curtis Williams feat. FatKidsBrotha – Dollarbill$$$


Curtis Williams and FatKidsBrotha do the thing. Curtis’ Eastside Paradise II should drop soon.

The Daily Hot Chick


Hostamania: Web Hosting powered by Hulk Hogan (Wrecking Ball Promo)

My childhood is now forever smudged. Did his wife get that much cash in the divorce?

Danny Brown – The Neighborhood (documentary)

Let Danny Brown take you on a tour of Detroit. Sometimes, we forget that Danny is a hood dude. Beyond all that rock star shit, he is a street cat. Nothing more, nothing less.

Flosstradamus & Yellow Claw ft Green Velvet – PILLZ (Electric Bodega Remix)


Man this Slaps!!!!!! The Bag Heads never disappoint.

The White Mandingos – What You Waitin’ On? (video)

This is a powerful, yet mundane and simplistic video. Oh, yes. I love it.

“What You Waitin’ On?” chronicles the ups and downs faced by fictional emcee Tyrone White, frontman of the White Mandingos, who is played by none other than legendary rapper Murs. Tyrone’s story is rich and nuanced, and you can enjoy the whole of it on The Ghetto’s Tryna Kill Me (Fat Beats).

Childish Gambino – Yaphet Kotto (freestyle)

childish gambino roscoes wetsuit

You know something? I like this a lot. I like the production. I like the rhymes. I even like the production/flow switch up that happens in the middle of it. For a “freestyle”, it sure is meaningful.

Esquire magazine named Scarlett Johansson Sexiest Woman Alive for 2013


Scarlett Johansson is hot, thats a given I know. For the past few years, she’s been boring-hot. You know what boring hot is great body and face but seems to have the personality of the color beige. She had underwhelming nudes leaked…great nips but I expected more.

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Santigold – Disparate Youth (Jacuzzi Remix)


Jacuzzi is an up and coming producer / DJ out of Hawaii who creates Tropical grime induced electronic music.

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)


Australian DJ and producer Thomas Jack has just uploaded his brand new remix of Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks.