Recap of NFL Week 15 and a Picture of a Hot Girl


Week 15 is a big week in the NFL season. Some teams are jockeying for position, others are clinching playoff berths and some are angling for the best draft picks this April. It is also the most important week of the fantasy season for most leagues. Win week 15 and you secure a spot in the finals and guarantee yourself at least some sort of payout. Well unless your a sick fuck and play in a winner take all league. Without further ado, lets get to the games.

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The Daily Hot Chick


L’Orange & Stik Figa – Blind Tiger (Official Video)

L’Orange & Stik Figa is a damn good duo. I think they are criminally slept on. Then again, that explains the predicament of the majority of Mello Music Group. So, it is what it is until it changes.

LOVE Advent : Day 16 – Lindsey Wixson

LOVE Advent : Day 16 – Lindsey Wixson from LOVE on Vimeo.

Cory Mo feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Talib Kweli – Hold Up (Explicit)

Using footage from concerts and the backstage (looks like the A3C), Cory Mo makes waves with this single. Featuring Krit and Kweli, he did the smart thing: enhance his music by working with nothing but the best in the business. You can’t hate what he is doing.

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The Incomparable Shakespeare – Good As It Gets

Now THIS is a dope song. No frills. No spills. Just a dope beat, rewind worthy lyrics, and substance. Oh, and the visuals keep it real too.

WWE TLC Preview (Or mainly a preview of the Cena/Orton Match)


11 years ago, when WCW faced its inevitable downfall and was bought out by WWE, the company had two world titles in their possession. The end result was the creation of the Undisputed Championship, with then WCW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho defeating WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin at Vengeance (a feat that he never…EEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRR fails to acknowledge). Since then the company split their roster in half, thus ending the run of only one champion and proceeding with two. They brought back the big gold belt of WCW fame and crowned it the “World Heavyweight Championship”, which ruled Raw for a smooth two years before the WWE Championship switched brands with the former.

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The Daily Hot Chick


Sunday Love !!!!


Mirana Kerr’s Titties Does Harper’s Bazaar Australia


Harper’s Bazaar and Miranda Kerr released these pictures of her topless shot by professional creep Terry Richardson. Can someone confirm or deny the Victoria’s Secret model did the sex with the Bieber?

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