Nas: Time Is Illmatic (trailer)

This is the official trailer for the movie that is hitting the theaters in October. The day (I heard) is October 1st. I am hoping people go see it. Wait, what am I thinking? Of course they will.


    Following last week’s opening of the World Champions Space, things officially kicked-off with an ALIFE Sessions event to celebrate the launch. Done in partnership with Puma® and Budweiser, the latest Sessions featured the Toronto-based trio, BADBADNOTGOOD, and Wu-Tang Clan member, Ghostface Killah.

    Soon after the match ended, BADBADNOTGOOD set things off, performing their unique blend of Jazz-flavored tracks such as “Triangle,” “Can’t Leave The Night,” and “Kaleidoscope,” to name a few. Following a quick talk break, BBNG casually introduced an alternative style to a familiar song, prompting Ghostface to hit the stage, breaking into his classic, “Run.” Heads nodded instantaneously, as the amped up crowd shouted almost every one of his rhymes verbatim.

    Following a few other tracks Ghost went into some classic banter; shouting out the Spurs for winning the NBA Finals, talking about Bron-Bron not being official because he joined a team of winners and how he should have come to New York, and getting acquainted with the neighbors who were watching from their windows and balconies.

    Matt Tavares of BBNG began to tease the crowd by playing the melody of “C.R.E.A.M.” on his Prophet vintage synth, causing Ghost lead the chant, “cash rules everything around me, CREAM, get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all!” Ghostdini finished his set with verses from “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” and “Shame on a Nigga,” paying tribute to the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

    Although Ghostface and BBNG have worked together in the past, this marked the first time that the two groups have ever performed together. We’re proud to help further that connection and bring the experience to our friends, and friends of friends.

    You Must Learn – Episode 1 – Jeru The Damaja – The Sun Rises In The East

    You Must Learn Podcast

    The word anniversary once referred to the commemorative feast in honor of a Catholic saint. Today we use the term for a celebration of any past event that took place the year or years prior on the same date.

    This year in particular marks the 20th Anniversary of a hip-hop record distinguished by its raw sound, uncompromising lyricism, and social commentary: Jeru the Damaja’s debut album, The Sun Rises In The East. 1994 was a powerful, transformative year for hip-hop. Nas, OutKast, and Biggie Smalls each dropped their debut albums, while other more established artists released projects regarded both then and now as milestones in the genre. Jeru was only 21 years old when he recorded the The Sun Rises; 22 when it came out on Payday Records. And the album was well received in the hip-hop community.

    What you’re about to hear is Jeru the Damaja taking us track by track through his DJ Premier-produced debut album, delving into an array of subjects and stories such as:

    - Waiting and watching for Nas to create Illmatic.
    - Spending formative years with the members of the Wu-Tang Clan.
    - The nature of Brooklyn pride.
    - His inspiration drawn from his family, friends, and predecessors.
    - And the story of how he got his pet hamster.

    This is “You Must Learn.”

    “You Must Learn” was produced and edited by Peter Oasis, written by Dharmic X, and executive produced by Evan Auerbach (of @UpNorthTrips), with narration from Soul Khan. The intro was produced by DJ Flipout, and the artwork was designed by Kelly Green. Special thanks to Sarah Honda for the love.

    “You Must Learn” was recorded in your mother’s basement next to your favorite blogger somewhere in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

    Mike Philson – Everything I Wanna Be (Killa Season Meets Gen-Y)

    Michael Anderson a/k/a Mike Philson is the poster-child for achieving the impossible, receiving an Ivy League education. Graduating from Harvard in 2008, Mike had entered the world of commodity stock trading. During his time on Wall Street, he had come to the actualization that Wall Street wasn’t for him. He woke up one day and knew he had to make an impact on the future leaders of tomorrow, referred to as our youth.

    Teaming up with President Obama as well as Civil Rights leaders in Martin Luther King’s inner circle, Mike formulated an initiative of education through music.

    “Everything I Wanna Be” gives you a glimpse into the brilliance that Mike possesses. There are real life trials and tribulations that he had went through after leaving Wall Street, and you can see why Mike had left Wall Street in the first place. Mike is a very gifted individual musically, as you will witness in the video, and you can witness the genius that he possesses.

    We hope that you can support this project on (company). A lot of resources were used in the making of this project, shot in various locations across the country. It’s definitely a message that sparks change and open-minded thinking amongst our peers and your viewership. One message to take away from Mike, is to live your own life and not the life of others.

    Homeboy Sandman & Paul White documentary

    Brought to you by the lovely minds at Stonesthrow Records. Homeboy Sandman and Paul White invites you into their minds. They speak on music. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus, you get to see that Homeboy Sandman performance that has won over many hearts, minds, and souls.

    This is good stuff.

    JAMLA IS THE SQUAD! (The Video)

    Jamla is the SQUAD!

    Okay, now did I say that loud enough? Good. If I say it again, people will start thinking I work for them. Not that I would give a damn. Just saying things for what they are. Get with it, people. Just get with it.

    Isaiah Rashad – Cilvia Demo (documentary)

    APLUS Filmz follows Isaiah from his first video shoot for “Shot You Down” to the release of his first project “Cilvia Demo” as apart of their series, Aplus Docs.

    Clarks Originals DOOM Documentary

    So, MF Doom is geared to have his own set of Clarks Wallabees to appear on shelves somewhere soon.

    You heard that right, people. All of you MF Doom heads need to get prepared to shell out some cash to get some originals. Personally, I need to find a way to get some for myself. They would make the cipher complete, you know what I mean? Sure you do.

    As Tall As Lions – A Farewell Documentary (Trailer)

    As Tall As Lions – A Farewell Documentary – Official Trailer from Transcend Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

    As Tall As Lions should have been one of those bands that were all over the radio. I first learned of ATAL when I used to be a CMJ mark. I saw them open for Coheed and Cambria and was impressed. Normally opening acts play as background noise but ATAL had the entire Highline Ballroom glued to their performance.

    I saw ATAL’s every time they performed in New York. My second date with my ex girlfriend was at a ATAL show. I marked when I saw there merchandise on sale at Hot Topic. For whatever reason the band broke up and filmed a documentary. Its sad to see this band never reach that upper echelon but I’m grateful to have discovered there music at the age of 21.

    Suite Sessions | ZO! – ManMade

    Suite Sessions | ZO! – ManMade from Suite Sessions on Vimeo.

    Zo! welcomes us on a view of his tour that stopped in Las Vegas. In a documentary style, you notice some things about him and his music:

    1.) He takes his craft seriously.

    2.) He wears many hats.

    3.) Independent vs. Major

    4.) And other things I won’t tell you about. Just watch the video and see.