Ras Kass x Apollo Brown – How To Kill God (single)

Apollo Brown x Ras Kass

People need to read and listen beneath the surface. “Blasphemy” doesn’t mean we are being Blasphemous (though to many it may seem that way) – it is a commentary on the people claiming to be religious but who are actually being blasphemous. And “How To Kill God” isn’t us killing God, it is again a critique of how society and modern life is killing all that should be sacred. Dig deeper than the surface in all things if you want truth. Only by stripping away the false can you be righteous. The ancients didn’t read or write as we do, their words were meant to be studied and meditated on – seen from multiple angles to reveal multiple meanings – that’s what we hope you will do with this song, listen, study and allow the layers of understanding to reveal knowledge as you journey towards wisdom.

Blasphemy is out now. You can cop it here.

    Drake is On His 6 Sh*t

    Drake - 6 God

    If you missed out this weekend, Drake dropped three different tracks. However, I have no confirmation as to if these tracks will appear on his next album (View from The 6). Take them for what they are worth, though. He is in the right direction.

      Shinobi Ninja – Post No Bulls (Video)

      On Nov 1st, The Ninjas are rocking a 60 Minute set recorded and streamed in HD at Live From Center Stage at Cape Cod’s Community Center.

      Merna – A Little More (Live Performance)

      Remember what I said before? You can see what I am saying from this life performance. Just listen and don’t talk like a Boys II Men slow jam.

      Merna – A Little More

      Merna A Little More

      You know those positive ballads that run their way up the charts and stay there? I think that this song has that potential. I’m being dead serious. I think it is the message and the words. I promise you this: it will be a travesty if this song isn’t given its just due. Read her thoughts here:

      To my friends & supporters,

      I wrote this song, (and my new album, The Calling), for you and I. Because I have learned to love me, and so I love you. One can’t truly know & love him/herself, and hate another. In a time so heavy, we can be the ones brave enough to help each other recognize our own light. Our powers are that of the most super kind and we must not be afraid. Share yours. Shine your light on the world.

      We can all do, give, feel, be, listen, love: A Little More.


        By way of DJ Booth:

        Early next year, Wu Tang veteran Ghostface Killah will be joining forces with T-Dot musical trio BADBADNOTGOOD to release a full-fledged collaborative album. Today, we get our first taste of the project in the form of lead single Gun Showers. BBNG establish a cinematic vibe on the production tip, layering languid, smoky guitar riffs over a slow-moving rhythm section as Tony Starks delivers his characteristically vivid, complex bars. Motown mainstay Elzhi provides a similarly intricate, engaging guest 16. Sour Soul isn’t slated to drop till February but, in the meantime, you can keep your browsers locked to the Booth for the latest singles.

        The album is coming in February of 2015. I hope this album is epic.

          1978ers – P.O.T. EP

          1978ers POT EP

          yU & Slimkat are The 1978ers.

          From 1978 to today, yU & Slimkat are set to bring us their first album as a duo, entitled “People of Today”. Mello Music Group connoisours know yU from his solo work, as well as his contributions in the group Diamond District with Oddisee & XO. Slimkat helped produce both of yU’s solo albums, as well as being a staple to the DC hiphop scene.

          The P.O.T. EP introduces you to not only the new music, but the conceptual depth of the album. Acts I, II, and III offer you a glimpse into the visionary direction. This is an every man’s opus. The project isn’t inspired by a time or genre; it’s influenced by the human existence and journey through the years.

            Wi.Sh feat. Dom Dom – Suzanne Somers (Official Video)

            Wi.Sh comes with a new video for his homage to all those older, vintage women out there:

            Philly-based emcee Winston Shaw a.k.a. has a way of injecting his music with themes and sounds that are before his time. It’s his respect for the past that’s been helping Wi.Sh get noticed lately among Philly legends and even the staff at “Sway In The Morning”!

            On his latest visual, Wi.Sh celebrates the universal gifts of “brains and beauty.” With its familiar “come and knock on our door” sample, guest appearance from Dom Dom, and production from Bij Lincs from Ground Up, this catchy title is the ultimate homage to MILFs everywhere.

              Jamie Foxx ‘Ain’t My Fault’ [Audio]

              Above the blame game. New Jamie.

              Mike Feez Featuring Joe Young ‘Keep it Real’ [Audio]


              Hustle Gang with some UK flava. Mike Feez with Joe Young. Click and comment!