Members of AGNOSTIC FRONT/JUDGE/MADBALL Praise NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990, by Tony Rettman


New York hardcore punk legends Roger Miret of Agnostic Front, Mike Judge of Judge, and Freddy Cricien of Madball have volunteered their approval after reading advance copies of Tony Rettman’s upcoming book NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980–1990.

Based on original interviews with over 100 key historical figures,


Roger Miret of Agnostic Front: “I’m floored! Tony Rettman’s NYHC is by far one of the most informative looks at New York hardcore. An amazing read loaded with remnants of my life and a movement I truly adore. Hardcore lives!”

Mike Judge of Judge: “Thank you, Tony Rettman! Great book! So much fun to read everybody’s take on our great history. So proud to be a part. Much respect!”

Freddy Cricien of Madball: “This book is a way to get caught up on history, and also a bridge to a whole world that is as relevant today as its ever been. This book is a fun and informative read—enjoy it!”

Skeme – Mad Flows

The Game Blood Moon yearofthewolf

This seems to be a bonus track off of The Game’s album Blood Moon – The Year Of The Wolf. Some may say it is the hardest track on the album. I haven’t heard the album. Thus, I can’t stake that claim. What I can do is say that this track is actually hard. I can admit that.

    BJ The Chicago Kid – Good Karma (single)

    BJ The Chicago Kid - Good Karma

    BJ is a masterful crooner. I wish people would recognize that fact. However, he is going to make the music he makes. Whether he curses or not, he is going to keep things true and real. That aspect can be heard all over Good Karma. He is that “good karma” that the ladies may come across. It was only a matter of time.

      Diamond District (yU, Oddisee, Uptown XO) – First Step (video)

      Better late than never, right? Right. You will love it. Just trust me on this one. It is dope as all hell.

      The Weeknd feat. Schoolboy Q and Rick Ross – Often (Remix)


      Well, The Weeknd is back to his transformational fuckery over dope music. He even references himself to a god of sorts. He makes that pussy rain often? Make that pussy pop? Do it how he want it? Yep. That is him.

      And Schoolboy Q and Rick Ross only add to the layers of coolness. They don’t add too much. They don’t come in “extra dope”. Yet, they are dope enough to fit in nicely. I wonder if this remix is getting the visual treatment.

        Devine Carama – Priory Of The Rhyme Pocket (prod. by Enter The Cosmos)

        devine carama believe in forever

        This came through my email recently (a week and some days ago):

        Good Morning,

        Today, I’m submitting the final leak from my upcoming Believing In Forever album. It’s a lyrical opus entitled “Priory Of The Rhyme Pocket” which begins where “Keepers Of The Boom Bap” (off my last project The Dream Walker FreEP) left off. This follows my first 2 singles “Satan Radio (66.6 FM)” & “Something More”

        Devine Carama’s Thoughts

        “I wanted to kind of put rappers on notice with this jawn. My first 2 singles had more of a musical purpose and direction, but I know my core fan base enjoys it when I just RAP. So this record is for them to let them know there will be plenty of that on the album as well. It’s also frustrating hearing rappers get older and/or lazy and start falling out of the rhyme pocket. I just feel staying in pocket is a huge element of rhyming. So I tried different flows within the pocket.”

        And that is all that needs to be said. Give it a listen.

          Party Supplies feat. Action Bronson & Black Atlass – The Light In The Addict (Sonos Exclusive)


          Party Supplies burst out of the gate swinging with the one-two punch of debut album Tough Love and the beloved mixtapes, establishing a signature sound that mixes woozy classic rock chops with head-nodding MPC hip-hop like none other. They ride that vibe even further into the sunset on jammy new song “The Light In The Addict,” featuring guest vocals from collaborator Action Bronson and PS’ Fool’s Gold label mate Black Atlass.

          Party Supplies and Action first performed the song live last week at the Sonos Studio showcase in NYC (with PS frontman Justin Nealis clad in jogging shorts and a David Lee Roth tee while Bronson sported a Brazilian flag doo rag) and now you can hear the collaboration exclusively on Soundcloud courtesy of Sonos.

          Fool’s Gold will re-release Party Supplies debut LP Tough Love on limited edition vinyl and CD 11/25 at and select record stores worldwide.

            Dayne Jordan – Fellow (produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff)


            This guy can rhyme. That is one thing to be noted. The other thing? This Jazzy Jeff is damn good. I mean, this one gives you that soul stirring anthemic feeling without being too overbearing. This would especially work with a live band.

            Peep the diss to Mac Miller and Macklemore. Or is it less of a diss and more of a truth? You decide.

              The History of Pen and Pixel Graphics

              Of course I am posting this. Why? Because Pen and Pixel Graphics made history. If you have any knowledge of your southern hip hop, then you will feel me when I tell you: Pen and Pixel Graphics changed the game. I promise you: they made the hip hop album cover something of an artwork of oddity, excess, foolishness, and success.

              Pen & Pixel churned out thousands of covers in the 90s and early 00s for dirty South artists such as Master P, Ghetto Boys & Lil Wayne, defining the visual style of southern hip hop with its over the top, diamond encrusted covers. They were the ones to invent the term “bling bling“. Noisey follows Shawn Brauch, the founder & head designer, from their rise to success, trailblazing digital desktop publication before anyone, and it’s fall from dirty south fame.

              Presented by Adobe.Don’t understand? Then watch the video.

                K-Def x 45 King – Back To The Beat (live stream)

                K-Def and 45 King - Back_To_The_Beat

                Two legends bringing back the sound of sampling, boom bap, and hip hop lore to the ears of those young and old? Yep. I am with it. I am totally with it. So, you might as well be with it yourself. Give this a listen so you can understand what these two beatsmiths did for hip hop back in the day.