Connor Evans – Summer Night Jam [Prod. by BHB]

Connor Evans Summer Night Jam

And I must say that this works. This works at an alarming efficiency. Or maybe it is just actually a smooth track. Either or, just give it a run. You may just get with it.

Rome Supreme – Take You Higher (Prod. by Illastrate)

Rome Supreme Take You Higher

Make sure to pay attention to the use of the words “marijuana”. He says it a lot. However, you have to realize that there are certain connotations that actually need attention. That’s all. Make it happen. Just listen.

Nitty Scott, MC – Feng Shui (prod. by Ski Beatz)

nitty scott mc -feng shui

Let me rattle off a few reasons as to why I am supporting this single:

1.) It is Nitty Scott.

2.) The artwork is done by the big homie Rob Regis. He is an art lord.

3.) Ski Beatz produced this.

4.) It goes hard.

Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild – Silk Shirts and Yellow Gold

Meyhem Lauren Silk Pyramids

How did I miss this for so many days? Already a fan of Meyhem’s off of Facebooks, I now get to hear one of the singles off of the Silk Pyramids album Meyhem is doing with Buckwild. I hope it is as legendary as Nineteen-Ninety Now (See Celph Titled). That all depends on if Buckwild wants to make bangers and if Meyhen puts his best Polo foot forward.

Mr. Muthafukin eXquire (Mr. MFN eXquire) – Brooklyn Boheme featuring The Yooj (Prod. by AJ Rice)

Mr MFN eXquire - Brooklyn Boheme

This shit was never coming out, one of those did it just do it shit’s and I woke up in a giving mood today. So a new song for the True Believers. This aint on MMoMM, just some random thought’s. When I rap with the calm voice im intelligent, When I rap with the angry voice im ignorant.



The Marvelous Mr. Muthafuck

Rav.P & Swerve – LOVE WHAT U DO (Prod. Rav.P)

Rav P and Swerve Love What You Do

“When you love what you do, there ain’t no hours in the day. You’re just doing it..” – Rav.P

Sorry, but I don’t need to say anymore than the above.

L’Orange – The Orchid Days (album stream)

LOrange The Orchid Days

Here is the info for this album:

“A man fell in love. Then the world was destroyed by an ever-growing nothing in the sky.”

Through previous outputs, we’ve come to know L’Orange as a painter who only paints in dark shades, mixing in samples from a bygone era. The Orchid Days echoes with the harbingers of inevitable change. Love is not only a theme in this record, it might just be the pattern.
The Orchid Days seems to be L’Orange’s most revealing effort yet. “Eventually” will hypnotize you with feelings unrequited, “A Spring Like You,” will hold you with a longing for things as they were in another life long-forgotten. “The Orchard” will numb you with its falling beauty, and you’ll know that she’s worked you over, and you won’t even care anymore.
And all this is just the first of many courses that The Orchid Days puts forth. With each successive listen, notes of terror, wonder, paradise, oblivion sing in the shadows.
released 08 April 2014
All Songs Produced and Mixed by L’Orange
Vocals by Erik Todd Dellums, Erica Lane, Homeboy Sandman, Blu, Jeremiah Jae and Billy Woods

Mastered by Jared Hirshland for Elysian Mastering
Additional Instrumentation by David Sutton, Charles Longoria, Jason Freeman, Jimmy Lykens

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
Album Art by Melissa Madison Fuller
Additional Graphic Design by Sarah Mattmiller

Mello Music Group Copyright 2014

Swerve – All By Myself (Remix)

Swerve - All By Myself (remix)

I haven’t heard from the big homie Swerve in a minute. Glad he is still in the thick of things. That Cold Winter & Warm Whiskey 2 still remains to be a slept on gem. I dunno, though. Where have you been, Swerve? I don’t even see you on Twitter anymore.

L’Orange x Erica Lane – Man Of The Night (single)

LOrange Man Of the Night

In celebration of L’Orange’s album called The Orchid Days, Man Of The Night has been released as a free single. This is some piano driven blues laced with beautiful vocals. Those vocals are courtesy of Erica Lane. This could have been played in the Bayou somewhere or in a speakeasy. I’m just saying.

Dynamic Equilibrium feat. Scienze – Age Of Enlightenment

Dynamic Equilibrium Age of Enlightenment

Dynamic Equilibrium is the duo that makes this track below. To be honest, it is pretty damn nice. I’m probably going to find a good way to listen to their entire project and give it some type of love. Oh, and this is their message out to all:

This track is a thank you to all of the people who love and support Dynamic EQ. THANK YOU.

Timeless Music. Revolutionary.

Their album, Post Crack Era, can be purchased on ITunes right here.