Bilal – Slipping Away

This video was filmed in France. It was actually directed by Hans Elder. We all know that Bilal isn’t big on having a bunch of videos for his songs. I guess he was inspired to present this to his fanbase? And that fanbase is something I am a part of. So, I’m pretty elated to see this visual.

Well played and well made, Bilal.

    Alice Smith / Sam Dew / Dave Sitek – Shell Shock

    alice smith shell shock

    Now this is what I call some protest music. I know, I know: I have been on my revolutionary ish today. That is a part of the grind: being thematic. With that said, give Alice Smith your undivided attention. Give her voice a chance.

    They say my treason is my blood
    It’s the price I pay
    Not a penny to my name 2x
    The cold ground on my face
    what I’ve done
    They dont say
    They won’t hesitate 2x
    You know my knees drop
    When you fall
    Whoever you are
    Wherever you are
    My heart stops
    When you call
    Whoever you are
    Wherever you are
    It’s shell shock 2x
    Every reason to see no smile
    Plastered on my face
    Since I was born I lived this way
    Since I worn between two places
    Every season that will change
    One thing stays the same
    I know that sound a mile away
    The same sound keeps me awake
    You know my knees drop
    When you fall
    Whoever you are
    Wherever you are
    My heart stops
    When you call
    Whoever you are
    Wherever you are
    It’s shell shock 2x

      Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

      Using visuals from numerous protests and demonstrations across the country (and globe possibly), Wu Tang’s A Better Tomorrow is the video for the revolution. Well, at least a more “major” video. I wish I would have seen the main members rhyming. But, this video is as effective as it needs to be.

        John Legend x Common – Glory

        john legend common glory

        Fresh off of the Selma soundtrack is this track. The thing about this track is that it makes references to the past and the present. Hopefully, we can do something for our future. Until then, we have to make sure we work to reach that glory. Until then.

          Nipsey Hussle ’50 N*ggaz’ [Audio]


          New Nipsey…for our people, for our struggle.

          Paul Wall – The Po-Up Poet (album stream)

          Paul Wall The Po-Up Poet

          Paul Wall is the Po-Up Poet. Paul Wall is still making music. Paul Wall is still Texas until the day he dies. As long as the album is dope to you all, then I say go for it.

          This is why I post album streams: might as well figure out if you want an album before you do any actions to obtain it. Right? Right.

            Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry)

            El P. Killer Mike. Mike Bigga. El Producto. Jamie and Mike. Run The Jewels. Like I tell everyone: I knew it was going to be a problem when they said that El P was going to produce Killer Mike’s album. And here we are…..

              Gemstones – Circles (Video)

              Now THIS makes for a wonderful video. Gemstones made it happen with this track. It can be a little bit heavy on the religious talk. However, the overall message is still necessary. Plus, the lyrics and production is dope as hell. This one works for me!!!

              Nem ‘Vice’ [Audio]

              Miami based singer, songwriter & producer Nem drops some fire. Click and comment for his “Vice” single.

              Diamond District – Ain’t Over (Black Milk Remix)

              diamond-district  march on washington

              This remix is buttery goodness courtesy of Diamond District and Black Milk.

              Word on the street is that the March On Washington album is getting the remix treatment. This makes me excited to see what the other emcees/producers/magicians will do with their dollars and scents.