Aaron “AB” Abernathy – A Quarter After Morning

AB A Quarter After Morning

AB hits us off with this gem dedicated to early morning loving. Yeah. He goes there with the soulfulness and wordplay of an old soul. Here how he has to put it:

Here’s to all the Hot Summer Nights…where a sexy midnight rendezvous is inevitable…
This was created to express your feelings in heat…to speaks to the lust-filled dialogue initiated in the early hours of the morning…to lead you to a place that will have you waking up an hour before you normally do to drive home just to get ready for work…but not regretting what took place the night before as you sit at your desk or cubicle…

A Quarter After Morning is available for your aural pleasure here. I hope you enjoy it…with someone….


Aaron “Ab” Abernathy

p.s. This record is the first from my new EP “45 Series Vol. III, About Last Summer…” coming to you Aug.13th…talk to you then…

    HaLo feat. Masta Killa & Median – Figure It Out (produced by 9th Wonder)

    Halo x Masta Killa - Mansa Musa

    Well, I see that this single off of the future Mansa Musa album has been released. And yes, this is some smooth stuff to chill to. The lyrics match the beat quite nicely. 9th Wonder doesn’t fail with the nifty use of jazzy horns. All three emcees do their thing. Median, above all, intrigues me because I can never keep up with his patchwork ideas. I can dig it!!!

      Kenneth Cartel – Museum EP (trailer)

      This is the trailer for the upcoming Kenneth Cartel EP. The EP will be called Museum. And that is all that needs to be said about it. Heck, I don’t know anything more than that myself!

        Noah Caine – Nightmare on Southside

        Noah Caine Rookie Season

        I know very little about Noah Caine. I do know that Devi would post up his music a couple of years back. This Nightmare on Southside rides, though. Maybe I need to pay more attention to him. He can rhyme and has charisma. I can’t front. He can make some things happen with the right movement.

          MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – SumOfItsParts [Music Video]

          Philly rhymesayer MarQ Spekt and New York beatsmith Blockhead treat us to some visuals for their single “SumOfItsParts” off their new album JustPlayWitIt,which dropped today on HiPNOTT Records.

          Representing a certain aggression that is lacking in today’s culture, JustPlayWitIt showcases MarQ Spekt’s bizzarly verbose wordplay over Blockhead’s dirty yet sophisticated production. MarQ Spekt throws a little dirt on the game with JustPlayWitIt; as he walks into the current house of Hip Hop, tracks mud on the rug, sits on the couch and puts his soiled boots up on the table.

          JustPlayWitIt is available now on on iTunes, Bandcamp, DJBooth, and various other online retailers. CDs can be purchased at UGHH, Fat Beats, and many other stores.

            NehruvianDOOM – OM

            NehruvianDoom sounds more and more promising. MFDoom on the production and the chorus. Bishop Nehru on the rhymes. This is working at a great rate toward greatness. This album should be dope.

            Black Milk – Detroit’s New Dance Show


            Black Milk flexes lyrics over warped computerized sounds and rhythms. Sounds really “80′s” to me. I can get with it, though. No matter how weird the music can be.

            Blueprint – The Climb

            blueprint respect the architect

            An impressive single from a great album. I wish I could say more about this album. Matter of act, I will: people need to go to iTunes and buy it. There: I said what I needed to say.

            Buy the album here.

              Big K.R.I.T. feat. Rico Love – Pay Attention (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)

              Big K.R.I.T. - Pay Attention

              Big K.R.I.T. seems to have it all figured out with this Cadillactica. Or maybe he is truly just stuck in his zone of making dope ass music. I don’t know. But this song is good as hell. Listen to the lyrics. And picture what is happening.

                Count Bass D – Need To Know (Produced by: Retrogott)

                Count Bass D Count in Cologne

                ‘This is nothing for the radio/your labels won’t jock me”is the bar I keep hearing repetively on the chorus. And for Count, this is a piece of work necessary for his slept on catalog.