Swerve 916 – Roll Another (prod. Blu)

Swerve 916 Roll Another

Peep the lyrics:

roll another one.. roll another one
lets talk about life until the sun rise here
lets talk about why we’re all run by fear
you ever wonder if the sky’s run our lives down here?
roll another one.. roll, roll another one,
roll, roll, ro-tating in space..
counting down days.. falling in love..
making our way.. roll another one..

I’m a proponent of living how you wanna,
chasing the stars, go smoke your marijuana,
follow your dream, but make ‘em yours.
no, no, no, i’m not worried about my future, because,
I know my future is limitless..
see i was lost inside this little prison i was living in,
I built a little cell within in myself,
until I learned i had to go and put my mind up on the shelf,
put my heart up in my hand,
re aligning all my stars, and now my arteries are pens.
my is blood signing all my hymns,
just to shine a little light here for me and all my friends
and for those that ask why, thats why.

thats why! thats why! we shine,
every line can be felt,
never mind who you are,
you can feel the real, like another light just went off,
i’m like a lit cigarillo and a window seel,
bringing another feeling of nostalgia,
like a black and white vintage film, spinning on that reel,
you call my style casablanca,
but in a modern time, i’m where the past meets the future,
but I’m right on time,
sick, plus the symptoms are syndicate,
sorta like cold winters and warm whiskey is,
but in the summer time,
some are truths, some are lies,
might make me drink until the sun will rise,
let me summarize.
hard times, are cause for celebration,
somehow it all works, like prayer and meditation,
they say whatever gets you through the day,
i say whatever gets you out the days-inn,
same goal I guess, we just speak a different language,
somehow i hope there’s something out there better up in space, but..
i’m only star dust vibrating in waves, not..
a lot that i can say, so, God or no god,
when were on last days, yo, we all know to pray,
roll another one..

    Nikki Jean – Champagne Water EP

    nikki jean - champagne ep

    This is a nice EP! I suggest its purchase since it is Black Friday! Or, you can download it for free. But damn that. I may purchase this myself. How about you?

    Itunes purchase right here: Champagne Water EP

      Ras Kass x Apollo Brown feat. Sean Price & Bleu DaVinci – Impossible Dream

      Apollo Brown x Ras Kass

      This should have made the album. So, why didn’t it make it? I have no clue. Whatever is clever, though. They had their reasons. This is still nice as hell, though.

        Big Rec feat. R.A. The Rugged Man – The Dumb Out (video)

        I also give thanks for dope videos like this. R.A. The Rugged Man is always on that high octane rhyming. And Big Rec impressed me since the first time I seen him live. Yes!!!!

        Kenn Starr – The Movement II (prod. Kev Brown)

        Kenn Starr Square One

        Today is Thanksgiving. Most of you may not even be on the internet. Others will be as they wait for their food to cook. However it happens, I give thanks for good ass music. And I will start with the Kev Brown produced jam by Kenn Starr. The Movement II actually works because of the cool chorus and the gliding production.

        I give this two thumbs up.

        The new album, Square One, comes out January 27, 2015 on Mello Music Group.

        Kenn Starr sees his career at square one, despite being regarded among the elite of the DMV scene, being in the inner circle of producers Oddisee and Kev Brown, and having his newest album signed to Mello Music Group. Eight years since his debut, Starr Status, Kenn Starr is baggage free on his sophomore album, Square One.

        Largely produced by Kev Brown with a nice block of vintage production by Black Milk, and additional work by 14KT, Roddy Rod, and Kaimbr, Square One is Kenn Starr getting back to his foundation to begin anew. The laid back flow remains intact—complementary to the Kev Brown’s vintage soul-crate production—but the perspective is written with a wisdom earned through seeing opportunities that overpassed his doorstep. On “Cigarettes & Whiskey“ he addresses his history with passing fancy and a buried hatchet, “please pardon my view points / Starr Status wasn’t a classic but had a few joints,” and makes no qualms about his hiatus. Square One is the only album Kenn Starr could write in order to bid farewell to days past and move forward.

        With the firmest of grips on reality, Kenn Starr has kept his Low Budget Crew ties in toe, including Sean Born who makes appearances on “Product Of The Basement” and album closer, “Farewell”. Kenn also enlists Mello Music standout yU, and long time compatriot Wordsworth, as well as the lush voice of singing star Melanie Rutherford. Square One is built from the underground-up as Starr still writes from the mindset of being a product of the basement.

          Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal – Feel Right (video)

          So, this happened this past weekend on SNL. And yes, Mystikal still got it. Over two decades in this music thing and he still has it. I am proud to see this man work to make music and keep himself out of prison. Much love to that.

          Mickey Factz – Detroit Red (Official Video)

          Man, this video is wonderful. Period. Just watch it and watch history unfold before your eyes.

          Released in June on his long awaited project Mickey Factz, finally releases the visual for Detroit Red, after his hiatus from the music industry. Detroit Red is a visual representation that shows Factz in a full depiction of Malcolm X in his days as a Harlem street hustler. Inspired by the legendary Spike Lee joint starring Denzel Washington, Malcolm X, Detroit Red is an impressive body of work. Directed under the full guise of Nadia Tayeh.


          Pusha T Lunch Money

          Pusha T is one cocky son of a bitch. And you know what? That is why I listen to him. He goes in on the track with all his references and explanations. I just wish Kanye would have turned the sample down a little bit. It is drowning out the lyrics. Otherwise, this is that hip hop club banger that rides in the whip.

          Meaning: whether you are in the car or the party, this song will work.

          Twista feat. Tech N9ne – Crisis (Video)

          Two of the fastest and aggressive rhymers from the Midwest link up for a track. Yep, you gotta listen. This is what hip hop needs: veterans rhyming their asses off for the little kids. These new rappers need to take note: the best way to have a career is to continously make dope music (with or without a major deal).

            Freddie Gibbs & Mike Dean – Sellin’ Dope

            freddie gibbs mike dean sellin dope

            How ominous sounding is this track. Then again, this is just one collaboration coming from this duo of like minded musicians. Still, this is some dark stuff. Isn’t this on Grand Theft Auto 5 as well? Man, this sounds like murder over some crack rock. Anyways, peep it out!