Boaz – Intuition (video)

Intuition, the new album, drops October 21st. The track, Intuition, has this intricate video. Very low key, very focused, and doesn’t include all of the overused cliches. Actually, it is mainly him spitting with some other hood visuals from Pittsburgh. His flow? Quite focused and dope. I dig it.

    7evenThirty – The Problem (prod. Gensu Dean)

    7evenThirty’s “The Problem” was written prior to Ferguson and edited during the peak of protests in Missouri. It speaks from the heart about the continuing problem facing us. Sadly, it’s not just about Ferguson, it’s about what is going on every single day across the country and has been since the beginning. It is about how everyone in these communities is affected and what is does to us all mentally.

    “What are these police on/theme song must be who shot ya/playing victim what you want a Oscar/grant me a pass Mr. Officer/I’m face down in the mainstream while you pull the trigger to my back/the problem is that the problem ain’t rap/can you help me articulate that.”

      Rick Ross – Elvis Presley BLVD

      Rick Ross Elvis Presley BLVD

      Rick Ross make it clear that he would not being engaging in such foolishness. Right now, it is all about running an effective label and making sure Wing Stop has no time for sleepy fans.

      Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – Humble Pi (video)

      Ras Kass just won’t go away. And you know what? I am glad. He is someone that I wouldn’t mind seeing more and more. To be honest, I always idolized this man in rap form. Now, he is going to release a collab album and everyone is welcome. You gotta love that.

        Black Milk feat. Bun B – Gold Piece

        black milk if-theres-a-hell-below

        Black Milk has an album dropping extremely soon. I would have said “Oh, word?”. But, I would love to meet some of these musical situations come into full bloom and fruition.

        Until then, keep your eyes open white like your

          Lupe Fiasco feat. Billy Blue – Pu$$y

          Lupe Fiasco Pu$$y

          This is the Lupe Fiasco that I always want to hear. The beat is rather redundant. Yet, it works for his sake. The lyrics are ALL Lupe, however. Double entrendes mixed with multiple references make this one something to replay the hell out of. I can get with this.

            ScHoolboy Q feat. Nas & BJ THe CHicago Kid – Studio (Remix)


            This has been out for a week and I had no clue as to it ever coming out? Damn shame is that I say. Still, I am going to give this a spin. I don’t care how odd Nas may sound in the verse. I love this song regardless!

              Hot Boy Turk & Joe Young ‘Grindin’ Remix [Audio]


              Turk links with German Hip Hop Star Joe Young. Grinding globally. Click and comment!

              Brother Ali feat. Bambu & MaLLy – Home Away From Home

              Brother Ali Home Away From Home

              “We’re very excited and grateful to be headed out on our Home Away From Home Tour with Bambu, MaLLy and Last Word. Anyone who’s experienced my headlining tours knows that I like to have one DJ and one host for the entire evening and I choose my support artists very carefully. If you’re not up on any of our tour family’s music, please check them out so you’ll know how to appreciate them when we’re in your town. I also like to make a tour theme song with everyone in the crew to celebrate rolling out together. Please enjoy this track and we welcome your well wishes for safe travels and security for our loved one’s while we’re away.

              Love Always and See You Soon!


              SYG – Fine With Me (Valentine)

              SYG Fine By Me

              Anybody in the mood for a good ole fashioned love-song-with-a-response-about-loss? If you say yes, then come on down and give this track a listen. Afterward, you may need to have a discussion