Old-School Hip-Hop

AZ – My Ni**as (song)

This is produced by Buckwild. Either this is some great ass sampling or somebody borrowed a funk band and make magic. I could care less how it was made, though. This is the type of stuff I want to hear from AZ from here on out. Oh, and some classic Premier cuts. Doe Or Die II is coming soon.

R3venge Of the Nerds – N.W.A.

To be frank, the acronym does stand for what it should stand for. N.W.A. is the practical mindset of this song. The production may not say so. Yet, the soft reminiscing that is present is also harsh and real. Sometimes honesty can be both smooth and coarse at the same time.

Joey BADA$$ x Capital STEEZ – Survival Tactics

These kids got that old school flow with it. Man! This is the type of stuff I would have done if I was 17 and from New York…or even Gary, Indiana. Nothing is nice about what they are referring to. They want the cheese and the skins…maybe even the Benz. I can’t even front on this. At all. Joey BadA$$ and Cap Steez got it.

Mac Miller feat. Pos Dnous and Raekwon – Of The Soul (remix)

Of the Soul = De La Soul. Of the Soul = anything Raekwon spits on. Therefore, Mac Miller + Pos Dnous + Raekwon = Of The Soul. I don’t know if that will mathematically work. But, with the sound of this song, my calculations are correct. I say you all get with it as soon as possible.

Ice T explains why one chick is better than 10!

The player lifestyle is always actualized as the thing to have. Realistically, I would disagree. And Ice T breaks down why the “player lifestyle” isn’t what people try to magnify it as. Trust me, all single men need to peep this out.

De La Soul Album Teasers…..

Dave West on the production? Yep. Using dope vocal samples flipped the De La way? Yep. Dope lyrics? Yep. De La hasn’t lost a step. I just wished these young kids knew what they were about. Seriously.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottieottiedopalicious (Outkast cover)

The Chicago based ensemble made a cover track to the classic Outkast jam off of Aquemini. This is virtually impressive. For one, it sounds damn good. Second, its a classic song off a classic southern rap album. Last, it just reaffirms Outkast’s importance to music.

Action Bronson – Contemporary Man

Man, this is purely lyrical and just all around hilarious. Action goes jacking-for-beats with contemporary 80′s music and just rhymes. I guess this is part of what Party Supplies will be providing with Blue Chips? If so, this is just another guaranteed project that I will have to cop. Period.

Oh, and peep the Pistol Pete reference in the beginning.

Download here!

Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah

These Nardwuar interviews are always informative. Learning about who he grew up with, what he grew up being influenced by, and who he loves is always a great thing to hear from Ghostface Killah. People need to listen and learn something. Peace to the Force MD’s.

Tum Tum feat. Big Sant & Killa Kyleon – Let Her Ride (R.I.P. Pimp C)

Due to the untimely death of Pimp C four years ago, there has been much dedication to his memory. And what way to have a proper dedication to this wonderful person than to make an unofficial/official reinterpretation of one of the greatest country rap tunes ever. This song came out damn near 20 years ago…and its still fresh.

Damn, UGK made classic music.

Download here!