New WWE Entrance Videos

WWE’s YouTube channel has released new entrance videos for John CenaNikki BellaBrie Bella, Slater Gator, Cesaro, Dean AmbroseSeth Rollins and The Authority. Above and below are the new videos for Cena and The Authority.

Wrestle Wednesday: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Atlantis – (Mask vs. Mask: CMLL 81st Anniversary Show)

Atlantis vs Último Guerrero, mask vs mask by thecubsfan

In professional wrestling, one of the key aspects is often missing to today’s product: Emotion. It is very rare nowadays to see an audience become invested into a character or match to the point the result brings them to tears and last Friday in Arena Mexico, all of that was experienced. For the 81st Anniversary Show for CMLL, two legendary luchdores and rivals Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero had a main event that was years in the making. Originally set for last year’s Anniversary Show, it was replaced with Volador, Jr. vs. La Sombra to the disapproval of the crowd. Many would have thought holding it off for another year would hurt the event, but that was on the contrary.

Bringing in a gate over $1 million US, fans from all generations came to see the two titans go head-to-head and witness history. The match itself was good for what it was as both men can still bring the goods, but it is the post-match that is the treat. You see grown women in tears all through the crowd because a man had to take his mask off. It is that serious in Lucha Libre, as an unmasking can make or break a luchadore’s career. It couldn’t get more authentic than that.


The Sparkz Foundation & WrassleRap Presents: Forever Madness (The Randy Savage EP) DOWNLOAD


So I teamed up with Wrassle Rap formed The Sparks Foundation with John Sparkz, and Ryan Fionda and release “Forever Madness: The Randy Savage EP,” an ode to the late Great Randy Savage.

As most of you fine readers know, I am a HUGE wrestling fan. I finally had the time and support system to help create what your are or will be listening too. Thank you to all the artist and producers who helped shape what was in my brain. Respect to WrassleRap and Cloudkicker clothing for always inspiring me to push the limits of my passion.

Shouts to John Sparkz for sitting hours and hours mixing this labor of love. Thank you Ryan Da Snacklord for always believing in me and always being down to help spread the gospel.

Now go DOWNLOAD the EP and let both hip hop and wrestling fans know how rad (yes rad) Forever Maddness is.

RIP Macho and Warrior.

Hey You Watch the Trailer For My Wrestling Theme song Inspired EP

The video was created by the wrestling video genius Adam “PDA’ Ross.

If you ever wanted to peek inside my mind this video pretty music highlight how it would look. September 21st fight before WWE’s Night Of Champions pay-per-view I will drop Forever Madness: The Randy Savage EP.

Forever Madness: The Randy Savage EP is an ode to Randy Savage, who passed away 4 years ago. I always wanted to do an EP revolving around Professional Wrestling. I teamed up with Harry Fraud’s In-House Engineer and fellow wrestling aficionado John Sparkz, to form our own imaginary tag team tandem known as The Sparks Foundation with Ryan Fionda as the Jimmy Hart.

Chris Dickinson vs. Christina Von Eerie (HOODSLAM)

I am a huge fan of inter-gender matches. Two people come to mind when I discuss inter-gender matches Joey Ryan and Chris Dickinson. Over the last few years Dickinson has push inter-gender wrestling and present female wrestlers on a level playing field with the guys.

This right here is one of the finer in ring battles battles in Dirty Daddy’s war on the female sex. The Dirty Daddy brought the Undisputed King of Crazy Championship to the west coast and took on Christina Von Eerie at Oakland’s most fucking insane wrestling promotion, HOODSLAM! If you’ve never seen HOODSLAM before then you’re in for something special.

    Emilio Sparks & #TNA’s Kenny King Talk Hip Hop & Battle Rap

    Emilio Sparks had the chance to chop it up with TNA superstar and hip hop aficionado Kenny King. Kenny talks about growing up a hip hop fan and his days in the battle rap scene.

    Make sure you visit the website Wrasslerap.com and use the hashtag #Wrasslerap to talk professional wrestling with Emilio and other twitter celebrities such as Ernest EstimeReal Life KazOG Johnny5 and David D.

      Ricardo Rodriguez Talks Negative Experiences With Triple H


      Recently released WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriguez tweeted a few choice comments about WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative Triple H. The WWE agreed a deal with long-time independent star Kevin Steen Tuesday and chose to announce the decision with an image of the indie wrestler posing with HHH.


      Rodriguez however took the photo as an opportunity to vent his frustration at Triple H and the WWE, with the 28-year-old posting the following message to Steen on Twitter:

      “Congrats…I hope he at least looked at you while shaking hands at one point and didn’t call you fat as f**k. #OhMemories.”

      “#BumbleBee was his name for me… Don’t even think he ever knew my real name,”

      Both tweets have since been deleted by Rodriguez, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported last week that Rodriguez’s weight was a problem with WWE officials and likely factored in his departure from the organization. Rodriguez was released by the organization on July 30th.

      WWE Releases Senior Vice President of Creative


      As reported by Wrestlezone WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative, Eddie Feldmann was one of the 55 employee endeavored by Vince McMahon last week. Since suffering huge personal and business losses back in May Vince McMahon has made a number of budget cuts.

      Feldmann’s release comes with the WWE reportedly considering changes to their live/tappend formats. The companies decision makers are believed to have ok’d the idea of dropping several pre-show and post-show segments as well as considering the possibility of combining Raw and Smackdown tapings.

        The Best Matches Of G1 Climax 24 (So Far…)

        G124_zps76b57c6cWe are a little more than halfway through with New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest tournament and quite possibly the biggest wrestling tournament this year, G1 Climax. For 24 years, this event have produced star-making performances from the likes of Keiji “The Great” Mutoh, Masahiro Chono, Shinya Hashimoto, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and more recently Kazuchika Okada to name a few. It is primarily a round-robin contest where a number of wrestlers are separated into two blocks where the winner of each block will face each other in the finals. Last year saw Tetsuya Naito win it in what was considered the greatest G1 of all-time.

        It is the greatest two weeks this summer not named the World Cup and really is the high point for the second best time in wrestling. This year New Japan is looking to up the ante with their shows and they could have very well done that. I was originally going to post the 10 best matches so far, but I came to the realization that ten matches were just not enough. The quality already has been out of this world and we still have five more days to go. So for now I will give you 15 matches that are well worth the watch from this tournament.

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        NXT Just Got Real: What WWE’s Star-Studded Signings Can Bring To The Company


        If you were to tell me five years ago that WWE would sign KENTA, Fergal Devitt, and Kevin Steen, let alone within the same year, I would have Flair Flopped into laughter. Even with the acquisitions of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (who was hired, fired, then re-hired again), I always looked at WWE as a promotion unwilling to give talented, well-traveled workers with a heavy reputation any chance at succeeding in McMahon Land.

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