Kendrick Lamar’s SOBs Experience

I had the pleasure of being at Kendrick’s sold out show last week and I honestly couldn’t put in to words what an experience that was but..I’ll try. Now, off the bat I go to a slew of hip hop shows in New York; this was hands down my favourite. I walked into SOBs to Meka (of 2DopeBoyz) spinning one of the best DJ sets I’ve ever heard. Meka made standing around waiting for Kendrick to come on fun.

When Kendrick came on stage with just his DJ Ali he instantly commanded the crowd. He took storytelling to the next level and had us in the palm of his hands. At times, the crowd was even louder than him, chanting the lyrics to some of our favorite songs i.e. Pussy & Patron and Hol’ Up. Kendrick went through 16 songs and even played a remix to one of his most popular tracks Rigamortus featuring Busta Rhymes, giving the crowd an extra treat for the night. You could feel the genuine love for hip hop in that venue that night, as many phones were tucked away and attention was kept solely on the stage. Don’t take my word for it though, courtesy of director Dwayne LaFleur take a look at the Kendrick Lamar SOBs experience.

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