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A.Dd+ – DiveHiFlyLo (Mixtape)


Dallas duo A.Dd+, recently released their debut new album DiveHiFlyLo: Every Man Is King today. Featured guest appearances from Jaeson Greene and J.Pinder with production from Picnictyme, DJ Burn One, Blue, The Misfit and more

Standout Tracks; And Beyond,Every Man Is King, Dirty Cotton Candy, Can’t See You, Where You Been, Paris Pen, Change,Comes And Goes, and Audio Day Dream

A.Dd+ – Where You Been? (Video)

Directed by Jeff Adair

“Where You Been?,” the first official single from A.Dd+‘s forthcoming album, DiveHiFlyLo. The album will be out later this year.

A.Dd+ – Where You Been? (prod. by DJ Burn One)

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What they said:

Produced by DJ Burn One
From the upcoming A.Dd+ release ‘DiveHiFlyLo’

What I say: I’m happy to see them making good stuff since “Pigs Fly”. I will always check for them.

A.Dd+ – Sh*t Got Crazy

I dont I can ever recall a night when after a night of drinking I didn’t know what was going on. Ive been part of some adventures but I always remembered, granted I felt like a truck hit me the day after but its well worth it when you have a great story attached to a night.

A.Dd+ comes with Under (featuring Dustin Cavasos)

This is some great music from the Texas duo known as A.Dd+. This son comes off as pure off. Just peep the messages that this video is trying to give to the people. More artists could use this type of imagination and originality. Take a note, people.

A.Dd+ – Likeamug f. Sore Losers (Video)

I need to drop this on the radio… A.Dd plus sign lets build !!!!!