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Skyzoo feat. Talib Kweli – Spike Lee Was My Hero (video)

I promise you this album needs to sell more copies. You see this video? Pure impressive visuals over meaningful lyrics. Oh, and did I mention that Kweli kills his verse. Add the Spike Lee cameo at the end and you have greatness. One of the best videos of this year thus far.

Dead End Hip Hop x Skyzoo – Dream Deferred (review)

I LOVED that Skyzoo joint, fam! I just wish people would support this album. Kendrick Lamar sells 250,000 in his first week. Can Skyzoo sell 50,000 or above, please? He deserves it.

Anyway, peep the review by Dead End Hip Hop. They do their thing.

Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred (music review)

Skylar Skyzoo never ceases to amaze. If you haven’t heard the album, peep the review. ‘Nuff said

Peep the words:

Dreams tend to be the driving force for many people and their aspirations. For Skyzoo, it has been the driving force for his “Frisbee” type of lyricism. Yet, it is that same type of lyrical flow that hasn’t caught the many ears that need to be captivated. Regardless, Skyzoo has kept it so consistent that he is making it to many people’s present top emcee lists (arguably). A Dream Deferred, in all its glory, doesn’t let up off of his rep as being a rewind worthy wordsmith.

Read the rest here.

Dead End Hip Hop interviews Skyzoo!

Skyzoo was in Atlanta at Stankonia Studios doing his thing for A Dream Deferred, his upcoming album. Skyzoo took time to explain his position on other emcees, his work process, and other things. I agreed with a lot of things Skyzoo had to say about hip hop. I definitely agree with his position on being an emcee and the positions that they play. Everybody isn’t meant to be Ray Allen or Lebron. Peep!