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The Angie Varona GIF sames monday

No other girl has had two back to back Mondays on this site ever. Angie Varona is an exception to the rule. With massively huge boobs & an a pretty face Angie is perfect to stare at when nursing a MDW hangover. Be hypnotized by the boobs.

Angie Varona saves Monday

Until this AM I hadn’t a clue as to who Angie Varona was. The good homies over at DAPS changed that right quick. Google couldn’t help find additional information as to why she is so interwebz popular.

Luckily for me my common sense started to tingle my conclusion is Angie Varona, is recently legal (18 yr olds) with low body fat and has Humungousaur breast & I’m ok with that.

If I were 8 years younger & probably listened to bullshit like Taio Cruz or some emo band with a name like Autumn cries tears or long sad name, this chick would be getable. Besides the big boobs, flat stomach & cute face, build your own the parts are interchangeable make sure you add a maturity level.

Closing thoughts
1. Angie Varona is this generations Allison Stokke

B. I find it hysterical that there are zip files for download with every picture this girl has EVER TAKEN lolz