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OverDoz feat. Childish Gambino and King Chip – 7,000 Girls

OverDoz 7.000 Girls

“I think I slept with about 7,000 girls…./I ain’t braggin’/ It ain’t attractive…”

And so the song goes. This track is really noisy yet smooth at the same time. Gambino goes for his as usual. Meanwhile, OverDoz keeps the vibe going as King Chip does his thing later on. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    S-X feat. Childish Gambino – Free At Last

    S-X feat. Childish Gambino Free At Last

    Childish Gambino is getting a lot of attention for his competitive remarks against the industry. Let it be known, though: Gambino makes the music that has people eating out of the palm of his hands. And rightfully so: this track is no different from any other Gambino-rhymes-first track. I truly am enjoying this track.

      Childish Gambino – Sober

      Childish Gambino Sober

      Childish Gambino has a project dropping called STN MTN/KAUAI (or something). You know what, I don’t give a fuck honestly. He still had me at Because of The Internet. So, I’m getting with it and riding the wave. Might as well enjoy it, right? Right.

      Side note: why does Jaden Smith’s name appear on the cover?

        Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy


        Logic and Childish Gambino, spit words inspired by the 1989 American comedy-drama film, “Driving Ms Daisy,” Logic’s upcoming album drops soon.

        Childish Gambino – Candler Road (single)


        I have no idea where, or why, this is out. However, I respect Donald Glover’s hustle. Plus, this is a dirty ass song. That is, until he decides the switch up the vibe. Yet, the vibe switch actually works.

          Childish Gambino Featuring Problem ‘Sweatpants’ [Video]

          Another clip off that “Because The Internet” LP.

          Childish Gambino – Chicken And Futility (Short Film)

          Childish Gambino writes, directs, and stars in a new short film entitled “Chicken And Futility.” The film all starts as the 30-year-old artist lounges around the house, with his friends.

          Two of his amigos play video games, they randomly strike up a conversation about Chick-fil-A and moths. I have produced and worked on a few musical projects and honestly I have had similar conversations.

          Childish Gambino feat. Chance The Rapper – Worst Guys (video)

          Kicking it on the beach. I would say that this would be the perfect backdrop for such a song. It all makes sense to me. I don’t know about the rest of you. However, this video works. Chillin’ with some fly females, smoking, surfing, eating, and making the most out of life. You can’t hate that.

          Childish Gambino – 3005 (Video)

          Donald gives us the official video for his single off Because the Internet.

          Childish Gambino – 3005 (video)

          Childish Gambino gets internet creative with the video for 3005. With the help of the heavenly attractive Abella Anderson for the visual linkage, you can see the lyrics typed in message form while Donald and Abella go back and forth. You gotta love technology and creativity.