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Chuuwee – Crown Me King (mixtape review)

Well, what do you know? I finally got a chance to make sure I reviewed Big Homie’s Chuuwee’s new stuff. Peep what I got for y’all…..

Excerpt: King Louis XIV was a king of the people (somewhat). He was a royalty that lived with the servants. Thus, he had an understanding of the commoner’s mentality. Chuuwee, on the same token, is a king amongst the underground/unknown. Also, he will go toe to toe with anyone that contests his beliefs. Thus, with Crown Me King, Chuuwee continues his monarchy on the mic.

Peep it all out here……..

The Chuuwee Channel Ep. 1

The rep is going to get bigger. See the first episode of Chuuwee as he takes interviews, performs a show, and even gets props from C Rayz Walz. Being this cold on the mic is serious business. Sacramento’s finest (outside of C-Bo) has to be some work. Chuuwee makes it look easy. He is coming for a few crowns…even if they have thorns.

Chuuwee – West Francia (video)

Crown Me King is going to be a monster of a free album. You all need to trust me on this one. Bet your bottom dollar Chuuwee takes things to another level. After this, there will be no more denying him of his props.

Chuuwee – Lottery Ticket (song)

Chuuwee just isn’t stopping for anybody. With an upcoming mixtape called Crown Me King (or something like that), I am not sure he has stopped for air. Plus, him doing shows locally, across the country, and even in parts of Mexico is making sure he travels to get his paper. I’m just glad to see he is still up on it.