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My Review: Pusha T – Wrath of Caine

Pusha T Nosetalgia

So it started as:

Pusha T has been hyping this new album up since he appeared on Kanye’s track “Runaway”. Then again, that was the true emergence of Pusha T the solo artist and not ½ of The Clipse. He threw a test press of what he had to offer with his earlier mixtape Fear of God and Wrath of Caine. As cool as it was, it did not show his true potential to make undeniable music. Still, with previous releases of tracks like “Nosetalgia” and “Money On The Boards”, Pusha’s buzz was hard to eclipse.

After a few good thorough listens to My Name Is My Name, it can be easily said that Pusha T is going extremely hard.

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Dead End Hip Hop x Darcwonn = 2 for 1 Roots Special

People are raving about this new album by The Roots. Personally, I think that it is a substantial album that separates them from the rest of the hip hop conglomerate. Here is part of what I have to say…


Redford Stephens must have had an uneasy life. Well, at least that’s how the Roots make it seem. If you don’t know who Redford Stephens is then, don’t worry, the Roots will get you well acquainted with his story. Redford’s fictional, yet so real, story is the subject of Undun. One just hopes that people actually pays attention to the story of urban melee that is depicted within each song.

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