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Dead End Hip Hop – Czarface Review

Of course, I loved this album. Personally, any head that grew up around my time OR respects that boom bap shit should cop that album. Period. No discussion necessary. Thus, peep what the rest of the fellas have to say about it.

MTV’s Hottest Hip Hop List by Dead End Hip Hop

And like I said on Twitter: fuck that silly ass list. I’m GLAD the big homies wax poetics about this bullshit. The list is just that: a list. Y’all bitches care. Really? It is a LIST from someone that gives their OPINION.

Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and a lot of them don’t smell good.

Are Negative Images In Mainstream Hip Hop Acceptable? – Dead End Hip Hop

What they said:

For this conversation, we reached out to the DEHH Community for a topic. Here, we discuss negative images that hip hop displays to the general populace and if they are acceptable. At first glance, some of you may immediately answer no but to your surprise, we are slightly divided here. Take a listen to why and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

What I say:

They make great points. Period. And I think you need to watch this.

The Underachievers – Indigoism Mixtape Review | DEHH

And that is all that needs to be said about it. I like it. But I need to hear it again to give a more definite opinion of how I feel about them. What I can respect is their movement. We shall see.

Regardless, peep Dead End Hip Hop and see what they have to say.

Joe Budden – No Love Lost Album Review | DEHH


Well, that video sure did say a lot. Joe Budden went the more “commercial route”. His sales are up. His appeal may NOT be increasing. Just because you have a starring spot on a reality show shouldn’t mean “make music you should leave alone”. Tah, well.

Will Outkast Ever Get Back Together – Dead End Hip Hop

I say “no” because at least one of them are full of shit.

I love Outkast. Please believe that I do. I will never be in denial of that. However, they are only separate because they made that choice. Then again, it is mostly Andre 3000 with this situation. I’m sorry, but $500,000 a show? Come on, man. You go and get that guap and put it in a bank somewhere.

Dead End Hip Hop x The Game – Jesus Piece Album Review

Tah well, Game.

The guys didn’t really fully feel the album. Well, they liked it. However, they thought it should have been better. Game really CAN rhyme. He has a great ear for production. But damn, he sure does imitate other rappers way too much.

Dead End Hip Hop – Is New York Still Relevant?

Of course, New York is “relevant”. But, they don’t “run things”. They do exist to make music. A lot of hip hop sounds “the same”. I think either Kinge or Fee Foo said this. I agree. A lot of artists aren’t as regional as they used to be.

But whatever.

Dead End Hip Hop x A$AP Rocky – Long.Live.A$AP review

I thoroughly enjoyed this album. No, it isn’t classic. However, he has plenty of dope ass tracks. Also, the majority of them didn’t get on my nerves. Check the opinions of what the big homies have to say about it all.


Digital vs. Physical Pt. 2

Dead End Hip Hop – Digital vs. Physical Music (video)

Where do you stand?

Do you believe in the love for the physical copy? Or do you believe in the easy access of digital music? How do you buy your music? Why do you prefer your medium of choice?

So many questions.