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Bigg Juss Interview with Culture King Media

Bigg Jus! Man, where has this guy been? I’m just saying, though. Company’s Flow graffiti laced 1/3 is in full interview with Culture King Media. It is an honor to even witness an interview from this guy right here. Classic material creator right here.

Shout out to Culture King Media for the hook up!

Another HANKSY Appears On The Streets Of Soho, NYC

Im not big of the Banksy craze like all you kiddies. BUT I really like the idea of seeing Tom Hanks’ head used in an artistic form. Hanksy > Banksy

via Wooster Collective

The American Graffiti Artist by SABER

Here are some photos from The American Graffiti Artist by Graffiti legend SABER at Opera Gallery which runs May 6 – 18.

#fact the American Flag pieces represent SABER’s support for health care reform.

Opera Gallery is located at 115 Spring Street New York, NY
Photography by Jacob Breinholt

via Curated Mag

Goodbye Graffiti (Video)

I’m not sure if we have many Canadians out there who read this site but I came across this mini-documentary today while browsing the interwebs and thought it was super interesting.

I myself am fascinated with street art/ graffiti and am privileged to live in a City that has its fair share on display. Up top courtesy of Char Loro, Dylan McFadyen, Eric Kupp we get an inside look into the minds of T-Dot’s very talented artists while exploring the questioned fate of graffiti in Canada after the election of their new mayor.

It’s long but’s raining and if you’re not boo-ed up or watching the Knicks game, might as well press play.

Eiknarf goes to chicago & paints a picture

While Eiknarf was in Chicago his friend Josh Kahn requested a painting.. Frankie I need a piece for the fortress of Sparkatude.

Eiknarf from Josh Kahn on Vimeo.

D’Face Street Art In New York City

Street art by D’face, spotted in New York City.

Photos by Scott Beale

I would like a piece like this for the fortress of Sparkatude. It would class up the joint.

via laughing squid

Graffiti Goes Hard

Dope street Graffiti.


50-something year-old woman sent out plea over YouTube for her favorite graffiti artist, Rime aka Jersey Joe, to paint a peeing dog on the side of her trailer. Touched by the heartfelt message, Rime booked a flight and headed back to the armpit of America: New Jersey.

Shouts to Mike Shane for the find

RIME, PIMP MY TRAILER! from Young & Balding Productions on Vimeo.

I think this is really cool, a little crazy but very cool. One would not assume its jerz because of the interesting residents. Overall this is one of the best gestures of kindness I have seen in a while