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Halo – The Dark Knight (video)

Really, though: Jamla is slept on. I don’t know how long that will last. To be honest, Halo is pretty unknown/unsung/unrealized. See him perform live? Full of energy. This song is actually much more mellow than what I am used to from him. The Blind Poet? Find it. Download it. Bump it.

Act Proof – We Gon’ Continya’ (video)

Yes! More visuals for one of the most underrated albums to come out this year. I’ll let you all sleep while I understand the understated genius that is Act Proof. They outdid themselves with Black Boy Radio. Personally, you all need to make them sell a lot of units.

Rapsody – All Black Everything

Nothing better than a video that doesn’t do the unnecessary visuals. What do they do? Dress in all black? Why? Cause its all black everything. Everything she mentions is all about being black. I keep telling people that she spits hot fire like Dylan on Chappelle. But people still want to sleep. Go figure.

Rapsody – For Everything (review and download)

And just like that, Rapsody has dropped For Everything. And what do I do? I write a review, that’s what!


If a listener doesn’t learn plenty about Rapsody from this album/mixtape, then they need to go to the doctor and get their tympanic membranes and cochleas checked. “Pace Myself” and “Autobiography of M. Evans” flow right into each other to open Rapsody’s soul to her fans. From explanations of her entire existence, the music flows into “A Crush Groove”, a surreal jam so atmospheric that one could miss the love story due to the music’s ambiance. “A Woman’s Work” and “For Everything” gives insight as to for WHAT and for WHO she does this for. In turn, only the ill-informed could misunderstand her intent and purpose for rhyming.

You can read the review here.

Download right now!

Jamla/IWWMG rip mics at the A3C

If there is anybody in the know right now, they would know that 9th Wonder has an indelible squad of emcees in his cypher. What many don’t know is that they can even rock crowds. With a magnetic energy, full blown performances, silly shenanigans, and crowd control, Jamla rocked their set unlike any other crew. My only issue? I didn’t get to see all of them rip it. So Act Proof, Skyzoo or anybody else. *sigh*

Want the proof of the pudding regardless? Peep it out!

Heather Victoria makes it happen on the stage.

Rapsody makes sure that people recognize and realize the skill.

Halo is KILLING it with this jam! And EVERYBODY is HYPED!

9th Wonder Interview with Page 31

As we all know, 9th Wonder released his album The Wonder Years recently to rave reviews and nice independent sales. In this interview with 9th Wonder, there is a discussion on Raekwon, the validity of Mac Miller, and making beats for multi-platinum entertainment entities. As usual, 9th keeps it real with his southern charm.

Interview excerpt:

P31: It’s really special you’re the type of producer/artist that can work with the new school and the old school. You got the young cat Mac Miller on there, how do you feel about Mac and where he stands in the game?

9th: Better not nobody say a bad word about that dude man. Man, I blast people on twitter man. I might hit somebody in the face for saying something bad about Mac Miller man. Because he just breathes positivity, and I love positive people, and I hate negative people. Nobody is connecting with their fans the way he is, and it’s completely honest. He’s not trying to be anything he’s not, which is a bad epidemic in Hip-Hop; you got a whole lot of niggas lying. Doing things, and being things that they’re not because they think that gets them somewhere. Mac Miller is totally opposite. He’s from Pittsburgh, he loves Hip Hop, he likes to party at his shows, and his shows are incredible. I’m not on the Mac Miller payroll either, he don’t pay me to say this.

Read up!

9th Wonder Interview

9th Wonder – Make It Big

9TH WONDER – MAKE IT BIG from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

To correspond with The Wonder Years documentary, 9th and Kenneth Price Films teamed up (as usual) to drop the visuals for this intro song to 9th’s new album. Seeing that his album sold damn near 7,000 copies in its first week independently, I hope that he sales even more. Maybe this video will help the situation? I don’t know. I do know that I will always post his dopeness. Period.

The Away Team f. Talib Kweli & Rapsody– Set It Off

Damn….this goes….hard. Sweet baby Jesus on a slice of bread with Frank Ocean Mustard, this track is ethnically hitting. NOBODY comes wack on this song. I mean, I knew it would be dope. But, good grief. I’m not sure anybody let up. Talib sounds like he looked in his bank account and it was 1996 again. Yeah, that hungry. Jamla > your life right now.

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The Away Team “Set It Off” feat. Talib Kweli & Rapsody + “Take Air” by duckdown

The Away Team – Scars and Stripes (song)

The Away Team “Scars & Stripes” by duckdown

The Away Team are back at it courtesy of Duck Down Records. Being a fan of their music for so long, Sean Boog and Khrysis have been doing their thing for so long that it isn’t even funny. The Justice League Jamla/IWWMG repz know how to make great music. You ought to peep some of Sean Boog’s past mixtapes for references. Trust me.

Rapsody- Thank H.E.R. Now

Damn….finally. And I’m supposed to be sleep. North Carolina emcee and Jamla Records recording artist Rapsody has hooked up with to bring fans her sophomore solo release, the Thank H.E.R. Rapsody has a nice collection of guest the project (Phonte, Mac Miller, Jean Grae, MURS, Raekwon, Estelle, Big K.R.I.T., and Marsha Ambrosius). Beats provided by 9th Wonder, The Soul Council, Vitamin D, Nottz and more!

Download HERE!