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NXT: William Regal calls out Kassius Ohno (Video)

How can you not love the television NXT has been producing. WWE really has a great crop of new talent that can really develop and carry over on to RAW and Smackdown.

By now all who read this website and follow me on twitter know, Kassius Ohno is like my brother, so anything I blog, in reference to his work, may come off as one sided. I say fuck off!!!!! Kassius is an amazing performer and is a wrestlers, wrestler. Over all just a great a person.

Regal is another class act who can still wrestle. I like the role Regal has taken. Developing talent and teaching the next crop of guy the old school style. I giggle every time Regal, said Kassius in his English accent. It was so proper like Kassy Us…… Anyway this is shaping up to be a nice program and I like Kassius as a heel.

Kassius Ohno featured on WWE.Com

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After competing in the independent circuit around the world for more than 10 years, Kassius Ohno has come to WWE NXT with one goal in mind — to hurt the opposition. With a merciless attitude, this seasoned competitor takes pride in punishing anyone who dares to get in the ring and face his discus elbow.

Ohno has been teaming with fellow NXT standout Leo Kruger in recent weeks to take on rivals Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel. Ohno has also been taunting William Regal ever since the announcer came to Kidd’s defense.

I am patiently awaiting the WWE debut of Kassius Ohno. Seeing Ohno and Antonio Cesaro tag in the WWE would be of the most epic proportions. That may not happen for some time, but when it does remember it was on my site that spoke of that day. If you never saw the Kings Of Wrestling you totally missed out.

Hopefully WWE continues to give there NXT guys a god amount of time to develop and get comfortable with there characters. The SHIELD, Damien Sandow and Cesaro all have impressed me. This crop of NXT performers is really talented. Ohno is a very entertaining wrestler to watch, search youtube.

I would love to see Ohno feud with the IC champion Wade Barrett. Ohno has been using the elbow in his move set for years. I think it would be a cool program to see Elbow vs Elbow. Whatever the WWE has in store for Ohno, best believe he will always give 3000 percent.

Kassius Ohno vs. Seth Rollins (FCW TV)

I have been getting a ton of tweets about the Wrestling portion of my site. I am sorry I have neglected all things Wrestling on here. Daddy’s been busy. That will be fixed now. I also have gotten tons of tweets asking me how Chris Hero now known as Kassius Ohno run in FCW has been going.

Last time I spoke with Hero he was feeling better after suffering an injury. Its business as usual for Kassius knowing him hes back in the gym and in the ring. In fact later this week I will post a great promo he recently cut.

The video above is Ohno Vs the FCW Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for the first time. This aired on Florida Championship Wrestling’s television show on 4/29/12.

Kassius Ohno’s ”Bashes and Gashes” FCW Promo

Kassius Ohno talks about FCW 15 Championship, FCW Superstars, the endurance of the FCW 15 matches, and why he is the best in Knocking out his opponents and having them scream: OHNO! while he says OYES!!!!

Kassius Ohno (Chris hero) FCW Debut Promo

Recently Chris Hero signed a developmental deal with the WWE, working in its developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) under the ring name Kassius Ohno. A title wave of joy rushed me as I clicked this youtube link to see one of my closest friends do what he does best, I know the struggle that was to get to this very point and I know whats to come. Ive traveled miles to watched Chris in gyms and will do the same to watch him in arena’s family supports family. Im proud of you bro PMA ALL DAY!!!!!