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Clear Soul Forces feat. Kooley High – Freq Freq

Clear Souls Forces. Kooley High. Dude. I’m not even going to waste keystrokes with an explanation. Just bump this shit.

Clear Soul Forces x Kooley High – Freq Freq


Clear Soul Forces ain’t nothing to fuck with. Kooley High ain’t nothing to fuck with. Put them together and you got some madness. Just put this on and relax. This is exactly what it is supposed to be.

Kooley High feat. The Kid Daytona – Freak It

Coooooooo sh**…coming from Cooley High and the Kid Daytona on the feature. David Thompson is the new album. I think that many of you all out there need to cop it. Support high quality hip hop.

Freak It feat. The Kid Daytona by KooleyHigh

You can cop David Thompson here…..

Kooley High ft. DJ Prince – Big Headed

Kooley High may be one of the most underrated group of artists out right now. They’re like..hidden gems. I came across a mixtape of theirs two years ago and since then I’ve been a huge supporter. I should also mention that if they’re performing in a town near you, it’s advisable to catch a show. Their sounds are infectious along with the crazy energy that each member brings. Above are their latest visuals directed by B. Rain Bennett and expect their latest project  David Thompson to be released on December 6th;  pre-order on iTunes right now!

Kooley High feat. Skyzoo – For The Record

For The Record feat. Skyzoo by KooleyHigh

Kooley High + Skyzoo = dopeness. The North Carolina supergroup links up with Skyzoo to make this jam. Hilarious enough, the album is named after the great David Thompson (the original Skywalker, not that other guy). Peep it. You will enjoy the goodness as it hits your ears.

Charlie Smarts (of Kooley High) – AC

I lurve Charlie. Not only is he part of one of the dopest groups out right now (Kooley High) he’s always got a smile and a hug for me whenever I see him. Also, if you didn’t know already, he’s a pretty darn talented MC. I order you to pay attention to his latest single AC which is off Charlie’s upcoming LowBottomMe project which drops one day after my birthday! – July 11th

Rapsody- Out Da Truck

Kooley High Harmony, Suckaz!


It is stuff like this that makes me love Twitter. Hey, she announced it. 9th Wonder gave the okay. And it was unleashed. Thank H.E.R. Now will come to us June 21. Be prepared for the Jamla/IWWMG takeover of your ear drums. Oh, and play like Drake: thank ME later.

Kooley High – Pedals (Video)

Directed by Kent Williard of Depth of Sound Productions

Another one off their Eastern Standard Time project

Kooley High – All Day (Video)

Kooley High – All Day from David Hambridge on Vimeo.

Directed by David Hambridge.

One of my favorite joints off Eastern Standard Time… But you faithful readers know this already.

Kooley High – Rae Intro (Video)

Kooley High – Rae Intro from Kooley_High on Vimeo.

Directed by Kent Willard (of Depth of Sound Productions)

Kooley High’s Eastern Standard Time is in constant rotation on my Radio program (THE WHOLE ALBUM)