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AC performs at W.O.W Wrestling Event with Sonjay Dutt feat. Marty Jannetty (VIDEO)

The Latin from Staten appeared at the Warriors of Wrestling Full Throttle event this past weekend. AC recently recorded a new theme for Sonjay Dutt. Sonjay is the good homie and invited AC to perform the song live. Little did AC know that he would part of the mayhem. New Swag City was on hand to capture the madness

AC and I talk wrestling and have been to many a wrestling show, so to see this is super cool. How coked out does Marty Jannetty? Lets start working the indys AC HAHAHA


Youtube commentator Steve2323ZX had the best comment “James can’t be HBK. HBK has won championships”

when the rockers beat the heart foundation for the tag belts

Here’s a rare match The Rockers Win The tag team title Belts From The Hart Foundation from saturday night main event, not seen on tv. The other matches taped that night aired on a Friday Night episode.

Bret wrote in his book. That the belts were going to the Rockers because he was going to get a singles push and Neidhart’s contract status wasn’t settled and it was almost up. But after the referee fucked up and didn’t stop the match (he had the power to do so) for the ring crew to repair the ropes, the match was to bad to air. At the same time, Neidhart signed a new contract, and the decision was made to keep the belts with the Foundation and postpone Bret’s singles push.

Below is the video of the match. The video starts 18 minutes in. The ropes had already broken. I think the finish was great. a little botched, but i like the way it ended. it was unexpected, and the crowd reacted.