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Mister Rogers & Me, A Documentary About Fred Rogers

While at work Sunday morning I was flipping through The Sunday edition of the New York Times and saw an article on Mister Rogers. I thought to myself its Fred Rogers the man is the color beige in human form…DULL. As I continued reading, I learn a documentary entitled Mister Rogers & Me produced by MTV producer Benjamin Wagner who was Fred Rogers’ real-life neighbor in the summer of 2001 on Nantucket island was released yesterday.

That summer, Rogers told Wagner to “Spread the message” that “deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.” Benjamin was intrigued by that phrase. So Ben and his brother set out to learn more about the cardigan wearing TV icon. The 80-minute documentary which has several upcoming U.S. screening dates and a you can by the DVD at

The trailer has caught my attention, that mantra of “deep and simple” really caught my attention and I now want to watch this, everybody watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood but when we get old we sorta lose touch with that kid feeling and the magic of what we once had is gone but there is a lasting impact.