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Heavy D x Cookin Soul – Nuttin’ But Love (tribute remix)

This is a reason why we, as fans, need to keep up with artists from the past. People are still reeling from the death of Heavy D for for two reasons (out of many):

1.) They JUST saw him perform recently.

2.) He was always a positive force in music.

He made many songs about important positive things (love, success, not cursing, ect.) that many were afraid, or didn’t have the ability, to do. He could rock hard for the fellas, be smooth for the ladies, and be positive for the rest of the world. Plus, he was a genuine dude. My girlfriend told me about how he flew her family to her uncle’s funeral. Heavy D. paid for the flights of people he didn’t even know. Even went to their family reunion.

He was a man of honor. Period.