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Pac Div feat. Blu & Kendrick Lamar – Cross-Trainers (Prod. Swiff D)

Oh, man. This is a damn good song. Old school stylings. Excellent features. Just pure Pac Div goodness that we have grown to love and expect. It needs a video. Immediately.

Pac Div Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Blu – Cross Trainers

Pac Div’s sophomore album, GMB, due out November 27th. For their latest single, the guys bring the topic of fly kicks and stunting to the forefront on the track “Cross Trainers,” produced by Swiff D.

Pac Div – Truth

I don’t know what they have been up to. But I do know that they have no issues with making dope stuff. Each and every time, they drop a single that makes me say “Yeah, I’m feeling this”. This is one of those songs.

Pac Div – Black Acura (feat. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino) (Prod. Thelonius Martin)

All day, I am a Pac Div fan. Yeah, I caught them late (Mania! mixtape). Still, I love hearing music from the trio. So much that I had to cop The Div. Oh, man. This goes.

Pac Div feat. Skeme and Casey Veggies – Top Down

Video for Top Down? Let’s run down all the necessities:

1.) Pretty girls? Check.

2.) Realistic situations? Check.

3.) Cameos (Anwar Carrots, etc.)? Check.

4.) Dope visuals all around? Double Check.

I think this deserves some radio play. How about you people out there?

Pac Div- The Div (album review)

Pac Div are dope. Nothing more and nothing less. Don’t agree? Read this review and figure out why you may be mistaken.


After they came hard with their Mania! mixtape, there wasn’t much you could tell me about Pac Div. I knew that they were going to be making more and more dope music for a while. Yet, I also had a sense that they weren’t going to be signed to a major for too long. Seeing that their label didn’t take advantage of “Anti-Freeze”, I knew their time was limited. Since their incumbent release, they now have a chance to satiate the salivating followers out there with The Div.

Read the rest here.

Pac Div- The Greatness


Pac Div should have dropped something almost a year ago. To be honest, Mania! is one of the most diverse mixtapes that came out this year. People either know them or don’t. Personally, more and more need to get abreast of this trio. What better way to do this than a No I.D. track? Now, let the haters hate and the lovers love. Regardless, this is dope.

Download here!

Like (of Pac Div) – Funky Drummer Reprise

Ahh leave it up to Like to drop something that’s so close to my soul. My favorite member of Pac Div gives us some bars over this classic James Brown track..which was all in one take as he mentions at the end of this joint. He released it on his twitter the other night and I just got around to checking it out, pretty dope stuff!

Download: Like (of Pac Div) – Funky Drummer Reprise

Pac Div – VladTV Freestyle

The very talented men of Pacific Division give us a dope freestyle for VladTV. Mania stays on constant rotation!

Pac Div Interview

Pac Div is interviewed by Karma Loop. They discuss having hundreds of thousands of downloads, making real sales, and their appreciation of Odd Future.