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The Secret Meeting that Changed Hip Hop – Dead End Hip Hop (video)

As hilarious, or intelligent, as that “secret meeting letter” sounded, there were some flaws about it. Dead End Hip Hop discussed the possibilities, the truths, and the foolery that is attached to the letter. Certain things made sense. Other things? Not so much. Take a look and realize some things that you may have figured out yourself.

Foreign Exchange on Amaru Don TV

This entire conversation is part hilariousness and part educational. The subject of the conversation: 360 deals. And, as I would have guessed, Phonte is not down with the 360 deal. He does give a good explanation for a reason to sign one (i.e. soul selling for major cash). Yet and still, a 360 deal wouldn’t make any sense if you are a lower tiered artist or someone that has made their own lane. Makes no sense to give labels a piece of something they shouldn’t have a piece of.