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Torae, Skyzoo, Fokis & Cortez ‘City of Giants’ [Audio]


Hella bars. New posse cut, featured “THE WWE-P”.

The Barrell Brothers (Skyzoo and Torae) – Blue Yankee Fitted

Skyzoo and Torae - Blue Yankee Fitted

This is that shit right here. Skyzoo and Torae provides some dope NY soundtracks. This is that urban music, man. Nothing more, nothing less. I have to get this album when it drops. Nothing more, nothing less.

Skyzoo – Tomorrow Morning EP


1.) This dropped out of nowhere.

2.) I had to find it on (shouts to them).

3.) The chick on the cover has a phat ole ass. I’m just saying. It is there for me to look at. So, I’mma look. Period.

Jared Evan Featuring Skyzoo ‘Pulp Fiction’ [Audio]

Jared Evan links with Skyzoo on this smooth new track titled “Pulp Fiction”. Click and comment!

Skyzoo & Antman Wonder ‘An Ode To Reasonable Doubt’ EP [Audio]


It’s always good to big up in Brooklyn. Skyzoo & Antman Wonder drop a brand new EP paying tribute to Jigga man on his 44th birthday. 9 tracks in total, download it here

Skyzoo – First Thing Smoking (single)


From Skyzoo:

In the third entry of the Penny Freestyle Series Pt 2, we present “First Thing Smoking”. Skyzoo’s new freestyle over 8thW1′s !llmind produced 2007 single “A Fool’s Lullaby”. Sky subliminally toys with the idea of walking away from it all and getting on the ‘first thing smoking’ after having done his part by loosely inspiring the current style that’s beginning to win in today’s climate, all while weaving the storytelling with braggadocio lyricism, as his style has become known for. Do remember to check in every Thursday for the next few weeks as the Penny Series Pt 2 continues. For the day one Skyzoo fans who know that when all else fails, lyrics will never be the same.

AntMan Wonder feat. Skyzoo & Dayna Watkins- Sleeping Giant 2

Antman Wonder Skyzoo Dayna Watkins Sleeping Giant 2

Damn, this is lush and enticing at the same time. The production is so engaging that it only makes Skyzoo’s lyrics that much more. Oh, and the lyrics? It’s Skyzoo. What else do you expect???

Skyzoo – Ticker Tape Parade

Skyzoo Ticker Tape Parade

Band Practice concludes! And I’ll be damned if this isn’t greatness. Just listen to the words over the wonderful production.

listen here…..

Skyzoo – Floor Seats With Young (single)


Half of them got degrees. Half of them got stash box.

Say: pay attention to the words. This is more than a song about flexing. In fact, it is a song about “lofty goals”. Then again, they can’t be that lofty when they are a phone call away. I hope Sky gets those floor seats with young, though.

Skyzoo – Grew Up On Kool Aid



Keeping up the critically acclaimed weekly freestyle series Skyzoo: “Band Practice”, we present part 2: “Grew Up on Kool-Aid.” The track is another freestyle over Jazz production, in honor of the upcoming live concert “The Writings of Skyzoo”, orchestrated by a full 7 piece Jazz band.

‘The Writings of Skyzoo’ will occur Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at MIST Harlem and will be hosted by Power 105.1′s Angela Yee. Skyzoo will be performing select songs from his extensive catalog alongside a 7-piece band.

Tickets are on sale now at Presented by MIST Harlem, The High End Agency, Middle Ground Arts and Steel Magnolia Group.

Now that you understand the purpose, I suggest you take a close listen to this jam.