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Day 25 of Smoker’s Club Tour 2: Atlanta (Country Shit Remix)

And to think I was riiiiiight up front. This concert was pure madness. I blame Method Man and his antics. No wait, actually it was International Jones/Fiend that got himself into the crowd first with the madness. Damn, this was too much fun. Now press play and see one of the highlights of the night.

Curren$y x On Smash – Smoker’s Club Tour 2 (L.A.)

Curren$y makes reference to the fact that On Smash always gave him props for his music from day 1 of his independent hustle. You have to respect that. Then again, Spitta deserves all the props that he gets. He has carved his own lane for himself and The JET$. You have to love it for what it is.

Meanwhile, be ready for my write up of Smoker’s Club Tour 2 in ATL. Gimme a few days. I will get it together. Trust.