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Twitter Hilarity: Phonte x Quest Love x Solange Knowles

Man, this is hilarious. When jokes go wrong, they usually go wrong on Twitter.

XV – #Endoftheworld

Got off of Twitter and set some real trends? Sign out of Facebook and get some real friends? Digital world and hashtag situations aside, XV is telling the truth. It may not be the end of the world, but people need to listen to this song right here.

Download here!

Mac Miller – I Love Life, Thank You

Mac Miller drops a mixtape for the masses after he gets his 1,000,000th follower on Twitter. That is pretty dope if I must say so myself. I haven’t given it a listen because I haven’t found the time yet. However, once I do I will probably write a review on it. Regardless, if you want some Mac Miller in your life before Blue Side Park comes into existence, here you go!

Download here!

Kreayshawn’s Leaked Nude Pics (NSFW)

Kreayshawn may have lost the MTV VMA award for Best New Artist to Tyler, The Creator, but she’s getting way more press than he is right now. After the awards show, Kreayshawn’s Twitter was hacked, or so she claims. Several nude pictures were posted on her account for everyone to see. By the looks of her long hair, and lack of tattoos, these pictures are sorta old. It’s definitely her though. Unfortunately, Young Kreayshawnti’s Twitter page was suspended shortly after the incident. Was she really hacked, or is this just a publicity stunt? We know one thing for sure, she has pierced nipples! Now if only Lil Debbie had leaked nude pics. White Girl Mob 4 ever.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Yikes! We took down the photos after Kreayshawn stated she was under age at the time.

@KateUpton twitpic’s are sexually frustrating

FAP, FAP, FAP, FAP, FAP, FAP……. Anytime you follow S.I. supermodel your southern region will be throbbing with lust. Kate Upton twitpic game is serious, if you eve need a quick cleavage fix read her timeline. ? Would Kate Upton get all hot & bothered if I tweeted her pictures of me shirtless while wearing Spiderman tidy whities ?

via Tyler Durden

The Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 10 – The Foot Fetish Episode

Waddup scumbags!

This episode is a return to form (sans comedian and professional wrestler) with Michael “Sabrina” Bongiorno and Carg (Carlo). The trio discuss the Golden Globes (briefly), fapping to leaked celeb nudes (especially Emma Rossum’s), and what Emilio is willing to do to sleep with Megan Fox.

We also explore the deep caverns of Emilio’s fetishes, Mikey’s Foot/Butt fetish. Analingus and choking are mentioned, so you are probably gonna like that segment you sick bastard.

We discuss twitter for a bit before reading listener tweets. You can tweet the show @emiliosparks or email us at So ask us questions, or suggest bits, or just tell us how much you hate Carlo’s lisp. Either way, we’ll probably read it.

After the break (featuring Theophilus London) we discuss Johnny Depp, Scott Baio chatting with Emilio on Twitter, Robert Downey Junior sucking, and much much more.

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Scott Baio @ replies Emilio Sparks on twitter

Remember Scott Baio of course you do Reruns of Happy Days & Charles in Charge made up our childhood. Anyone born after 92 (google this shit). I get asked by on of my twitter followers Chris Truth a question in regard to VH1, I reference Scott Baio in the tweet & #POW not only does Scott Baio RT the tweet he replies.

To me this shit is super boss. Scott baio should be every mans Idol that dude had so much puss its no joke. He was banned from the Playboy Mansion for a few years cause he ground & pounded the playmates. Thats every mans dream. Years later his reality show Scott Baio is 45 & single aired on VH1 (produced by former WCW president Eric Bischoff & the older brother from the wonder years )

I got a huge kick out of Scott Baio is 45 & Single it was like wow Scott Baio has commitment issue too. My tweet blames Baio’s show for being so good that VH1 had to crank out shitty reality shows that the public just eats up.

One of my goals now is to get Scott Baio to call the radio show, I have so many questions that need answers.

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD follows @emiliosparks how #based is this shit

The ultimate Christmas gift of 2010. I received was a follow from The Based God. What sort of #swaged out conversations will we have ?

One of my goals in 2011 will Swizzy Swinton & myself cooking with the based god. #truth

TheDummy Interviews Jimmy Vega

Remy is a Dutch New York born, Blogger, Accessory Designer, Fashionist, and ultimate plushie king. He is most known for his blog, plushie line which goes by the name of “Assman”, and just his all around dopeness. This week I had the pleasure of talking to the artistic man himself, and getting twisted inside his cyclone of thoughts.

One on One with Jimmy;

Q: Who are your top five favorite fashion designers ? Why ?

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Stone Cold Steve Austin @ replies Emilio Sparks

This is a whole other form of awesomeness. STONE COLD tweeted me. Excuse me while I MARK OUT