The Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 12 – The Snizz Fart Episode

Waddup Scumbags!

The weeks episode sees the return of comedian and professional wrestler Joe ‘So Delicious’ and he joins the regular crew of Emilio “The Illiterate Voice of Staten Island” Sparks, Michael ‘Diane Keaton’ Bongiorno, and The Gelman of Podcasting Carlo Montagnino.

This week the foursome discuss Emilio’s hatred of feet (again), how much the new announcer Bob Euracola out shines the rest of the show, and Mike explains how to please women.

We then read some listener tweets and emails about not having jobs, catching blowjobs, and Tila Tequila’s pussy farts.

We return in the third segment for another rousing game of Name that Sitcom, where we see the beginnings of a rout.

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