The Emilio Sparks Experience – Episode 8 – The Nostalgic Toys Episode

Waddup Scumbags! Emilio Sparks, Joe “I made it 2 weeks in a row” So Delicious, and Michael “Girl Name” Bongiorno are back with a slobberknocker of an episode.

In this episode you’ll hear about Joe’s useless facebook profile, The American Pie franchise not really being that good, the decline of American Horror cinema, and spooky times with Mike Shane.

Once that is all digested you’ll be treated to an indepth look at the brainwashing of American youth in the 1980s and 90s via the trio’s massive toy collections. You’ll also learn about Sly Stallone’s film directing career and the genius that is Dolph Lundgren.

This is a damn good episode if I can say so myself.

BONUS: Here’s Joe So Delicious in the early 90′s.

Music provided by Outasight & Smoke Dza.

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